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Streaming Media West and Online Video Platform Summit - Special Edition News Round Up

It was a busy news week with major announcements from companies participating in Streaming Media West and the Online Video Platform Summit. This year, Fox Business News was on site on the exhibit floor right next to the TV Worldwide booth with live news updates throughout the week. While the numbers are not yet in, the conference sessions, exhibit hall and Red Carpet interviews all saw a great deal of traffic and even on day three attendance was still high. Hashtags #smwest09 and #ovps09 saw a lot of action with live Tweets from the keynote, conference sessions and social events that highlighted a groundswell of mainstream attention on our nascent space.

The Online Video Platform was a new event that was held in conjunction with Streaming Media West. Over 30 companies in the online video platform category participated in the show as either speakers, event sponsors or exhibitors, and many others came to see what was going on. We had attendees from all over the U.S. and international attendees they came from as far away as Argentina, Brazil, Calgary, Japan, Malta, Mexico, New Zealand, the Netherlands and Norway. The OVP space has evolved over a short time and has moved up the stack as a SaaS (software as a service) offering eclipsing CDNs, which just a few months ago saw their own summit at Streaming Media East. Ben Homer, who I was glad to finally to meet at the show, pointed this out in his post, SMW Closing Thoughts | Online Video Watch,
"CDNs were noticeably missing from the event floor. There were a few, Internap was there, but Neither Akamai or Limelight had a booth this year. Several years ago CDNs were everywhere you looked at Streaming Media shows. Now it’s platforms."
Streaming Media publisher Joel Unickow, launched an Online Video Platforms Group on LinkedIn several months ago and in a related discussion he asked,
"Is control going from CDNs to OVPs? Over the past 18 months, I've seen Online Video Platform companies come out of the woodwork, like termites out of a log. With Could Services for Transcoding getting more attention, it's interesting to see how end users are no longer so much concerned (or even know) which CDN content is streaming on, but more-so about the 'easability' of getting video online, up and running with bells and whistles. Now, don't get me wrong, CDN's are the core component of the Ecosystem, but my question is - does that matter anymore ?"
With so many platforms in the market, many agreed that there are too many to be sustainable. There will be compression in the space with major changes likely in the next 12-24 months. The emphasis of the Streaming Media West show seems to be moving away from CDN companies that deliver the bits, to the applications layer of the stack with an all-in-one solution offered by OVPs. The annual show focused on the business and technology of online video has been held in San Jose for years, moves to Los Angeles next year. Many have commented that with show closer to Hollywood it will bring in more of the web television and industry.

It's an exciting time to be involved in online video and I'm looking forward to seeing where it goes. Now, onto the news and related updates in this special edition Streaming Media West and Online Video Platform Summit News Roundup. Look for upcoming analysis, interviews, videos, photos and more over the next few weeks. Videos of all the sessions and Red Carpet interviews will be available on Streaming Media TV, but many of the sessions, demos and interviews can be seen right now on TV Worldwide's Streaming Media West 2009 webcast archives.

To help kick things off, here's an interview with Dan Rayburn, Conference Chair and EVP,, who spoke with Beet.TV about the growth of broadband enabled devices and the online video ecosystem.

Beet.TV: Streaming Media West Download: Broadband-Enabled Devices are Big
SAN JOSE, CA -- Streaming Media West, the annual industry gathering of broadband executives, drew a bigger crowd this year then last and the focus has changed from delivery and distribution to devices and content, says Dan Rayburn, head of the show. We caught up with Dan on Wednesday afternoon for a rundown on the show and industry trends. Featured News


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Updated 11/22/09: Added information on TV Worldwide webcast and OVP Summit Summit attendees
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