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Streaming Media East: Successful Content Syndication and Aggregation Strategies

This Streaming Media East panel discusses the new ways content owners and site developers are aggregating content and distributing it on the web. See examples of ways to develop niche vertical sites without significantly expanding staffing, and discuss how to reach audiences on social networking sites such as Facebook. Learn about some of the new emerging platforms for niche video distribution and best practices for increasing your chances of making money with your content.

Successful Content Syndication and Aggregation Strategies
Track C (C105)   4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Fred Davis, Partner, Davis Shapiro Lewit & Hayes, LLP
Richard Glosser, Executive Director, Emerging Media, Conde Nast Digital
Will Gonzalez, Senior Product Manager,
David Goldman, CEO, Comedy Time
Vin Bhat, CEO, Saavn

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Streaming Media East: Content Production for the Web

This is the first of a number of Streaming Media East videos that I'll be featuring on the blog titled, "Content Production for the Web" from Tuesday, May 12th which was moderated by my friend Paul Kontonis co-founder and CEO of New York-based digital media studio For Your Imagination. The panel features Tim Shey, Co-Founder, Head of Entertainment, Next New Networks, Christine Beardsell, VP, Creative Director, Creative Director, Digitas/The Third Act and Austin Chang, VP, Strategy and Development, MTV Digital and focused on the types of online video, audience engagement, production and monetization amongst other topics important to developing and producing web video. 

Paul was also part of the panel discussion I moderated at Streaming Media West last year on Streaming Media West: Updating and Syndicating Your Channels for New Media Distribution which also featured Mark Rotblat of TubeMogul and Saidah Nash of Thomas Reuters.

Content Production for the Web
Track C (C103)   1:45 PM - 2:30 PM

If the sitcom and miniseries were the unique genres of broadcast TV, what will the new online TV look like? What will appeal to audiences and get them to come back again and again? What is the relationship between the audience and the new forms of online video? This session provides a showcase for the talent creating this new medium and showcases the evolution of original online programming and the tools available to help content creators engage their audiences.

Paul Kontonis, CEO, Co-Founder, For Your Imagination
Tim Shey, Co-Founder, Head of Entertainment, Next New Networks
Christine Beardsell, VP, Creative Director, Digitas/The Third Act
Austin Chang, VP, Strategy and Development, MTV Digital

Follow these peeps and their companies on Twitter:
By Andrew LaVallee - May 13, 2009
When it comes to creating original material for the Web, Tim Shey, co-founder of Next New Networks, says it’s like sushi. “The fresher the better,” he said during a Streaming Media East panel session on digital content production, “and don’t leave it sitting around for too long.”

For Mr. Shey’s company, which makes Web shows such as “Barely Political” and “Nite Fite,” videos made in advance or with block shooting don’t do as well, he said. (more...)

Nalts Named Chief Strategy Officer for Hitviews

Within a week of announcing that he had left his corporate marketing job in the pharmaceutical industry, Viral Video Genius Kevin "Nalty" Nalts has landed a new gig as Chief Strategy Officer of HITVIEWS, an online entertainment studio featuring a wide roster of talented web celebrities that produces viral marketing videos for agencies and brands. Hitviews
harkens back to the early days of the Hollywood studios by marrying web stars with brands and marketing campaigns. Hitviews' growing stable of stars have a cumulative view count of over 400 million – and a base of over 1 million "fan" subscribers according to their site. Nalts has been associated with Hitviews since its launch last year.

"These video stars are creating content regularly," says Hitviews co-founder and CEO Walter Sabo. "It's not just user-generated videos. These are video performers who have a large following and who understand how to get people engaged and to respond. Rather than attaching pre-roll, billboards, product placement and interruptive commercials, our video stars organically build videos around a marketer's message. Products are presented in ways that are organic – part of the video."

Hitviews launched in November 2008 under the guidance of  20-year old Australian Caitlin Hill, who is a co-founder and serves as Chief Creative Officer and is one of the most popular video stars on YouTube producing under the name TheHill88. Hitsview is backed by  entertainment industry leaders Robert Weinstein of The Weinstein Company, Slaight Communications' Chairman Gary Slaight, cable news entrepreneur Reese Schoenfeld, former ABC Radio executive Allen Shaw and Sabo, who was former head of ABC and NBC radio.

According to Jack Myers of The Huffington Post, "Hitviews offers marketers and agencies one stop shoppinghandling creative, video production, editing, music scoring, rights management, and distribution wherever the brand wants. But, Sabo adds, the brand has full control and approval before videos are distributed."

In his new role as Chief Strategy Officer Nalts will be responsible for continuing Hitviews' aggressive entry into the marketplace. Sales tactics, marketing rollouts, public relations and industry relations will be his responsibility. 

"Listening to Kevin Nalty talk about the power of online video marketing is inspiring to our clients and prospective clients," says Sabo. "He has extraordinary marketing experience at the highest corporate levels working for the most demanding clients. Hitviews is very lucky to have his leadership." 

As Nalts embarks on his new role at Hitviews and develops his social media consulting strategy he spoke with Jim Edwards of BNET Pharma Blog about social media marketing and had this to say, "Almost every major brand has a desire to move from traditional online and offline media, and engage in the conversation already taking place. The smart brands are engaging expert liaisons to help them be invited guests rather than annoying salespeople, and there are a load of amateurs with large audiences that can help. I’m focusing on the industries that are already serious about this medium — entertainment, consumer-product goods, and travel — rather than pharmaceutical. However as pharma gets serious about social media and video marketing, it’s a natural fit."

Visit the Hitviews website for more information, or call 877-HITVIEWS.


Friday, May 29, 2009

Streaming Media East 2009 and Content Delivery Summit Videos Now Online at

If you didn't make it to Steaming Media East 2009 or the Content Delivery Summit this year or if you didn't see the live streams or selected video archives by ScribeMedia or TV Worldwide, you can now watch the official videos at There were over 40 sessions with nearly 170 speakers between the two events which brought together the best and the brightest minds in the online video industry to discuss the latest online video technology and the business models. All presentations from the sessions have been archived as well can be downloaded at

Dan Rayburn said that most of the videos from the conference are available with a few more to be added over the weekend. As with the videos from the previous few years they're archived in a Brightcove media player with embed codes to insert in your website or blog. The videos were recorded, edited and encoded by Quality Tech's media services division. Like Dan, I'll also be highlighting some of the videos on the blog over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here's a few more Streaming Media East related news stories I've included since my last post:

ScribeMedia.Org: The Business, Technology and Culture of Digital Media | boxee and YuMe @ Streaming Media East
By Peter Cervieri in Naked Media on May 29, 2009
Dorian interviewed Avner Ronen, CEO, boxee, and Bob Bahramipour, VP Business Development, YuMe, at the Streaming Media East conference in NYC. Streaming Media Podcast #29: Datmedia's New Enhanced Podcasting Tool
May 27, 2009 - by Tim Siglin
To listen, click here.

Advertising on Internet TV Shows and Movies | Inside Digital Media
by Phil Leigh on May 26, 2009
If you would like to learn the latest from an expert about video ads for premium Internet streams such as popular TV shows and movies, this interview is for you. Our guest today is Steve Robinson who is the CEO of Panache. His company provides an ad-insertion platform that offers media and entertainment companies the infrastructure to generate advertising revenues from their video streams. Representative clients include MTV, VH1, Country Music Channel, and Nickelodeon, among others. We caught-up with Steve at the Streaming Media East conference where we could get a chance to learn his thoughts on the future of video advertising. Steve emphasized that his company is focused on premium content providers and probably accounts for about 10% – 15% of the business in his industry outside of YouTube. HD Online at the Tipping Point
Tim Siglin - May 22, 2009 Click here to learn more!
In a Streaming Media East keynote that deserves a more detailed look, Akamai’s Paul Sagan traced the history of internet video and proposed that it’s finally at the point where it’s truly competitive with TV.

Save the Dates for Streaming Media East 2010: Hilton New York, May 11-12, 2010

Monday, May 25, 2009

Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's ooVoo!

I was just reading a post on the ooVoo blog by ooVoo CEO, Philippe Schwartz who described his recent experience of conducting an ooVoo video call from an airplane. He called it "a first" saying that he's probably done thousands of ooVoo calls both one-to-one and multi-party but never from an airplane. "I’ve ooVoo’d from cars, trains, cafes, hotels and had calls that connect people from Ohio, New York, Boston, Atlanta, Israel and Florida – all in one session! You would think I would be a little jaded – a little less apt to be wowed and amazed by a technology I work with every day. Frankly, I am still amazed daily by ooVoo, but on April 3, I shocked even myself," said Schwartz. "On a Virgin Air flight from San Francisco to Boston coming back from the Web. 2.0 conference – I logged onto the wireless connection at 30,000 feet, started up ooVoo and had an amazing, multi-point video chat from the plane with our owner and our vice president of marketing."

Here's the video, ooVoo is calling it a communication milestone which marks a first for the airline and video conferencing industries. ooVoo manages the in-air call quite well!

Schwartz was proud of the accomplishment saying that, “When I learned about Virgin America’s new WiFi service I couldn’t wait to put ooVoo to the test. Speaking face-to-face mid-flight with two colleagues on the ground was not only a testament to the quality of the service we’ve built, but to how far we’ve come technologically as a society.”

It's interesting to note is that videoconferencing technology like ooVoo was first developed years ago to save people travel time and keep them out of their cars and off airplanes to reduce the wear and tear from travel and increase their productivity. Today, with company travel budgets being slashed the business case for videoconferencing and virtual meetings have become an easier sell to the IT budget approvers since the ROI can be measured against the hard travel cost data.

But how much does the technology really need to cost? Looking at the ooVoo video and recognizing that it's a portable solution that can connect people anywhere by using a laptop, camera, microphone, conferencing software and internet connection - is it really necessary for companies to invest in hundred thousand dollar telepresence suites to enable employees and executives to connect? Granted ooVoo, Skype and the many other video chat solutions are either free or low cost and low bandwidth solutions and can't compete with high bandwidth high definition videoconferencing systems like Tandberg, Cisco, Lifesize or any of the others in the telepresence space. But as a collaborative tool, it's all videoconferencing whether it's a "fully immersive experience" or not.

Videoconferencing has gotten a bad wrap for many years because of connection issues, poor audio quality, complicated logistics or lack of support but video quality has not been a deal breaker. Over the years as video encoding standards have improved people have become used to seeing compressed video as long as the motion is fluid. Even though quality continues to increase technology has always been a good scapegoat and that will never change. People just want it to work and have the technology be transparent. That's why telepresence has moved into the mainstream - mainly though successful marketing efforts by Cisco - and has seen an increased adoption in the enterprise.

Interesting to note that in October 2008, Cisco CEO John Chambers predicted that videoconferencing would be available on planes within 18 months.

About ooVoo
ooVoo provides a high-quality webcam video chat and communication service that delivers a meaningful way for people to call and connect over the Internet. ooVoo’s technology enables people to experience a face-to-face conversation and share a full range of emotions as if they are in the same room together, whether they are across the street or across the globe. ooVoo’s superior quality video and audio are available to anyone with a computer, broadband connection and a web camera, for real-time video calls with up to six friends, relatives and colleagues simultaneously. ooVoo offers high-resolution video, video conversation recording, telephony, video messaging, instant message chat and file sharing amongst other capabilities.

ooVoo is privately held and headquartered in New York, NY. You can learn more and download free ooVoo software at

ooVoo Confirms First Air-to-Ground “Three-Way” Video Chat
Cisco CEO sees videoconferencing on planes within 18 months

Friday, May 22, 2009

Nalts Quits His Day Job, Surrenders to the Absurdity and Launches Full-Time Online Video & Marketing Practice

“Viral Video Genius" Nalts, well known in the online video world as one of YouTube’s most prolific viral video creators and YouTube comedians, led two separate lives until yesterday when the two worlds recently collided and he was outed as a Consumer Product Director at Merck, where he marketed Propecia. Kevin Nalty had kept his day job private from his viral video fame offering only a vague reference in his online bio that he was a "Consumer Product Director at a Fortune 100 company." But as Liz Gaines noted yesterday in her scoop on Nalts, "he thought he could keep the viral video world and the day job separate," she said. "However, a recent MediaWeek story about product placement on YouTube mentioned Nalty’s employer, and that garnered some attention in the pharma blogging world. So this morning, he quit his job and became a full-time online video marketer."

Nalts made the following announcement on Twitter yesterday morning:
Nalts has left his job as Marketing Director of Merck to pursue his passion for online video and social media with FULL force! :) More d ...

A few weeks ago when the MediaWeek article broke the news that Nalts actually worked for Merck, Jim Edwards commented on the pharmaceutical industry BNET Pharma Blog, that Nalts' dual identity, "Seems harmless — most of his stuff is for kids. The reason it’s interesting is that the drug industry is so buttoned-up it’s surprising Merck hasn’t sent him a stiffly worded HR memo."

However, Nalts told NewTeeVee via email, “Merck knew about Nalts before they hired me. But as Nalts grew, it became harder to keep ‘low profile.’ I went to great lengths to keep them separate because I didn’t want my goofball antics to reflect poorly on a company focused on health and medication…The fact that Merck was recently being unfairly linked to me and fart videos was the 'straw that broke the camel’s back.'"

He posted the following video on his blog which helps explain the inspiration behind his decision. "Last night Katrina Darrell sang Mariah Carey's "Treated Me Kind" on American Idol 2009. Her song inspired me to quit the full-time job as a Product Director at Merck, he said. "Now it’s full-time to follow my passion: making videos, working with Hitviews, and starting my own consulting practice that will help brands engage in social media, especially the most visceral kind: online video. Stay tuned next week for more details."

A top-10 “most subscribed” YouTube comedian Nalts has created more than 800 short videos that have been viewed on online-video sites more than 73 million times, and include the popular “Farting in Public,” which was featured by YouTube has been viewed more than 7 million times. He and his online videos have won numerous awards, and have appeared on CNN, ABC, BBC, Fox and CBS News (see Nalts in News). He speaks, writes and consults in the area of online marketing and viral video and has a page in his web site for information if you'd like to hire Nalts.

Nalts also just turned 40 a few weeks ago and as he makes this change from a dual identity to a full-time online video and marketing practice he offered these reflections, "Gotta do what you love, and trust the money to follow. Should have listened to that advice right out of school. Not too late for some of you. Full steam ahead in video "entertaining," and helping brands engage in social media and video... via Hitviews and via my own consulting firm to be announced next week! Seriously- thanks so much for watching and subscribing, since I couldn't afford to do this without some income from the ads you watch."

While many have commented that this may just be stunt pulled off by a master comedian, like doing a prat fall at a Streaming Media conference panel session just to gain attention, I think he’s playing for keeps. Like anyone in the public eye he has his fans and detractors but from his friends and fans in the online video community there’s been an outpouring of support. (From my post on ReelSEO)

All the best to you Kevin "Nalts" Nalty! We're all rooting for you!


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Streaming Media East 2009: News, Views and Video Interviews

Streaming Media East was a huge success and came to a close with record attendance last week. I've featured news items related to the conference and exhibition for over a week now and did one more sweep to present a roundup of news, views and video interviews. I found a few more articles from last week and this week which are featured here with more videos from Beet.TV and a highlight reel from Dyn Inc. The videos from the conference sessions and from the Content Delivery Summit will be available soon on and you can download the presentations here. In addition, Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen said today that will be delivering more breaking news, in addition to the features, reviews, how-to articles, and analysis they've always offered. You can also subscribe to Featured News RSS feed here.

Streaming Media Podcast #28: Ooyala Updates Its Platform
May 21, 2009 - by Tim Siglin & Jose Castillo
Ooyala CTO Sean Knapp talks about the company's respect for other platforms, metrics, and a new player for Ooyala's online video platform.

Gotuit Unleashed » Want To Watch an Overview on Gotuit? Check Out This Video
By Patrick Donovan - May 20, 2009
Last week at the Streaming Media East 2009 show in NYC, we gave a 20 minute overview of the Gotuit Video Metadata Management System, and announced our latest customer - HISTORYTM, with Ice Road Truckers Video Mash-Ups. The good folks at Streaming Media just posted video from the event. For those of you not able to make it, you can watch our presentation here...

Telcos Outline Their Thoughts On How They Can Win In the CDN Market | The Business Of Online Video
By Dan Rayburn - May 19, 2009
At last week's Content Delivery Summit, I moderated a panel with speakers from Deutsche Telekom, Global Crossing, Level 3 and Tata Communications who discussed how over time, they believe they can dominate the CDN market. (video archives of the panel will be online shortly)...

Follow Me On Twitter: Real-Time Updates About The Online Video Industry | The Business Of Online Video
By Dan Rayburn - May 18, 2009
While I still think Twitter is one of the biggest wastes of time, starting today, I am going to use Twitter to send out real-time updates about the online video industry. One of the things I realized last week at the Streaming Media East show is that I have a lot of really great conversations with people about topics and trends that never make it onto my blog. Typically there is not enough to write a whole story around or I just don't have enough time to get to it. This is where Twitter comes in...

MLB.TV Expects To Do Away With Blackout Restrictions Sooner Than You Think | The Business Of Online Video
By Dan Rayburn - May 18, 2009
At last week's Streaming Media East show, we had many of the largest content owners in attendance and I got to spend a little bit of time with many of them hearing more details about their business. One of the many things I learned was that MLB expects to be able to resolve the online blackout restrictions for their MLB.TV service sooner than people may imagine...

Beet.TV: Big Global Expansion for Brightcove and Implementation on iPhone
By Andy Plesser - May 18, 2009

NEW YORK, NY -- Brightcove, the Boston-based video services company, has been enjoying annual 300 percent growth, global expansion, strong balance sheet and is hooking up with devices including Vudu. According to Brightcove CEO and Founder Jeremy Allaire, the company is providing integration onto the iPhone for shows including AMC's Mad Men, Saul Hansell of The New York Times reports. Brightcove is developing iPhone apps for dozens of customers, a company spokesperson told me. I interviewed Jeremy last week at the Streaming Media East conference for an update on developments at the company. We did not cover the iPhone developments...

Beet.TV: VMIX Powers Video on Post-Newsweek Sites, Los Angeles Times, others
By Andy Plesser - May 18, 2009

NEW YORK -- VMIX, the San Diego-based video services company, is powering a number of newspaper and local television station Web sites, including the Tribune newspapers. It has had a recent win with the Post-Newsweek television stations sites. At the Streaming Media East conference last week, I caught up with VMIX CEO Mike Glickenhaus. Mike explained the utility of his company's "white label" solution...

YouTube - Dyn Inc. at Streaming Media East - Highlight Reel
DynInc -

A quick recap of Dyn Inc's visit to New York City for the Streaming Media East Convention. For more information on what Dyn Inc. is up to visit

Verizon FiOS can go with the flow
May 15, 2009 - By Sarah Reedy
Verizon's (
NYSE: VZ) big news this week clearly was its planned divestiture of 4.8 million access lines to Frontier Communications (NYSE: FTR), which if it closes will bring the FiOS network to 67% of Verizon's total local access territory. In addition to its expansion plans, however, the Tier 1 carrier also gave Streaming Media East conference attendees a bit more insight into what it plans to do with its FiOS TV network in the very near future...

Jan Ozer on Better Quality Streaming Video (Manifest Tech Blog)
Making Sense of Digital Media Technology by Douglas Dixon
Jan Ozer is a regular presenter at the Streaming Media East conference (see previous posts). This year he kicked off the week with a half-day seminar on Encoding H.264 Video for Streaming and Progressive Download, following up on his presentation last year on Comparing Video Codecs (see 2008 post), as also covered in his book on Critical Skills for Streaming Producers (see previous post).

Then Ozer had some fun with his conference session on Tuesday, with a session of sage advice on Improving Your Video Quality for Streaming Production. His bottom line is that video "should look as good as photos shot with a still camera." With today's progressive video cameras and good production values you should be able to shoot great-looking video that compresses well and still looks good after streaming...

Jan Ozer's agenda slides courtesy of
Streaming Learning Center

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Streaming Media Webinar on May 28th: Online Workshop on Live Streaming

Streaming Media magazine and are hosting another webinar, Online Workshop: Live Streaming, on Thursday, May 28, 2009, 11:00 am PDT, 2:00 pm EDT. This session will be moderated by Dan Rayburn, EVP, Streaming Media and features Brian Stevenson, Director, Product Management, Digital Rapids, Tim Harader, Sr. Product Manager, Microsoft Silverlight, Neil Sweeney, Senior Vice-President North America, StreamTheWorld and Simon Ball, Vice President, and Global Head of Webcasting Operations, Thomson Reuters. This roundtable offers an opportunity to get guidance from four leading companies that specialize in live video delivery. Register now to participate in this exclusive limited live web event!

This web event follows the Streaming Media webinar this scheduled for this Thursday, May 21st on, How to Cut Costs by Getting the Most Out of the CDN Ecosystem. You can also still view the other recent archived web events on Transcoding 101 from May 7th, Enterprise Video Roundtable from April 30th, Online Video Platform Roundtable from March 26th and many more here.

UPDATE: This event took place on May 28, 2009 and will be archived for the next 90 days at:

Whether you're a live video streaming veteran or a newbie looking to present your first online event, this Streaming Media Roundtable offers an opportunity to get guidance from 4 leading companies that specialize in live video delivery. In addition to discussing the various solutions they offer, the presenters will address best practices for coordination, workflow, and user experience as well as do's and don'ts that can help you present better live events and achieve maximum ROI. They'll also answer your questions specific to your unique circumstances, so don't miss this unique online workshop.

So sign up today—participation in this exclusive live web event is limited, and it’s sure to give you insights that you’ll get nowhere else.

Dan Rayburn
Streaming Media

Brian Stevenson
Director, Product Management
Digital Rapids

Tim Harader
Sr. Product Manager
Microsoft Silverlight

Neil Sweeney
Senior Vice-President North America

Simon Ball
Vice President
and Global Head of Webcasting Operations
Thomson Reuters

Digital Rapids Corporation
Location:Markham, Ontario | L3R 6H3 | Canada
Founded: 2001
Digital Rapids is a leading developer of professional hardware and software solutions for bringing television, video and movie content to the Internet and the latest generation of viewing devices. Our solutions span the critical points in media workflows, including ingest, encoding, transcoding, protection, streaming, playout and delivery.... more.

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Streaming Media Webinar on May 21st: How to Cut Costs by Getting the Most Out of the CDN Ecosystem

Right on the heels of Streaming Media East and the Content Delivery Summit Streaming Media magazine and are presenting another webinar on, How to Cut Costs by Getting the Most Out of the CDN Ecosystem , sponsored by Internap this Thursday, May 21st at 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET. This session is moderated by Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, Editor-In-Chief of Streaming Media magazine and features Dan Rayburn, EVP, Streaming Media and Steve Kiene , VP of Engineering, Internap. In this webcast learn how you can cut costs and do more with less by utilizing the CDN Ecosystem. From transcoding to content management portals, see how tapping into these available options can mean cost savings for you. This is a FREE live web event! Register Today! or Click Here for more information.

UPDATE: Please note that this event took place on Thursday, May 21, 2009. Review or download the presentation, it will be archived for the next 90 days at:

Register now for this FREE live Web broadcast
• 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET

In today’s economic climate, everyone is being asked to do more with less. Online video publishers are no exception, and they face the dual challenge of having to increase their traffic while at the same time reduce their costs. In this webcast learn how you can cut costs and do more with less by utilizing the CDN Ecosystem.

From transcoding to content management portals, see how tapping into these available options can mean cost savings for you.

Don’t miss the follow up webcast to this Think Piece series installment.


Eric Schumacher-

Streaming Media

Dan Rayburn
Streaming Media

Steve Kiene
VP of Engineering

Reserve quickly —space is limited. Audio is streamed over the Internet, so turn up your computer speakers!

For information on sponsoring a Streaming Media magazine/ Web Event, click here to download the sponsorship packet (PDF format) or contact Joel Unickow at

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Streaming Media East 2009: Special Edition Weekly Review

As the dust settles from Streaming Media East and the Content Delivery Summit more news coverage continues with a special edition weekly review as follow up from the past few days of posts. Dan Rayburn EVP of and Conference Chairman said on his blog today to stay tuned for his upcoming posts and watch for the videos which will be available soon and presentations already available for download. Andy Plesser has posted interviews with Akamai and Boxee on Beet.TV and of course, look for more features, podcasts and analysis by Streaming Media Magazine Editor-in-Chief Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, Tim Siglin, Jan Ozer and other contributors on (Thanks Dan and Eric for the acknowledgement on your blogs.)

Recap From Streaming Media East and Content Delivery Summit On The Way | The Business Of Online Video
By Dan Rayburn - May 15, 2009
It's been a long busy week with the Content Delivery Summit and Streaming Media East shows happening over the past few days. I got to meet a ton of content owners, many from Wall Street and got to spend time with a lot of different vendors in the industry for one on one meetings. We had a record number of 3,733 registered attendees for the East show this year, our highest ever, which is a testament to the growth the online video industry is still experiencing, even with the poor economy. Thanks to everyone who helped make both shows such a success...

Record Attendance for Streaming Media East | Streaming Media Europe Blog
Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen - May 15, 2009
Just back from a terrific week in New York, meeting with readers and exhibitors. We had more attendees than ever before (well, at least since the heady pre-bubble days), with 3,733 registered for the two-day event. Larry Kless, who’s written for Streaming Media and has his own blog covering the online video industry, did my work for me (thanks, Larry), and collected links to as many of the news stories coming out about the show — check it out here.

Beet.TV: Boxee Has 500,000 Users but Progress with Major Media is Moving "Slowly"
By Andy Plesser - May 15, 2009
NEW YORK -- Boxee, a free software download which allows users to connect computers to television sets, bypassing a cable box, has 500,000 users in the U.S. I sat down with CEO Avner Ronen earlier this week at the Streaming Media East conference where he was a keynote speaker...

Streaming Media East 2009: Promoting Ease-of-Use Tools | Digital Media Buzz
By Ron Shulkin - May 15, 2009

Streaming Media East 2009 was an exciting show with more than 3,400 participants and more than 50 vendors represented on the exhibit floor. There were several recurring themes this year, all of them trending toward providing easier-to-use products for content creation, content management and content distribution...

Chicago Social Networking Examiner: Media Show report: Simpler technology means empowered user generated content - By Ron Shulkin - May 14, 2009

Adobe’s “DVRCast” Code Sample Launch Imminent
Folks in the streaming media industry are probably already aware of an Adobe product called DVRCast. Adobe has talked about it for several months, and you can find the occasional forum thread on it as well. If it’s a feature you’ve been waiting for, take heart. Adobe’s Kevin Towes announced in a Streaming Media East panel session that DVRCast will launch within the week.

Zatz Not Funny - ‎17 hours ago‎
At the Streaming Media East panel, Kevin Towes discussed an upcoming offer for a free sample piece of code (DVRCast), which will help Adobe's customers use ...

Beet.TV: Ou La La: Cannes Film Festival in HD
By Andy Plesser - May 14, 2009
NEW YORK, NY -- Akamai has returned to the Cannes Film Festival this year, powering the video distribution of film trailers and event coverage, but this time in HD quality. At the Streaming Media East conference on Tuesday, I spoke Akamai's Suzanna Johnson about plans for the two-week film festival which started yesterday...

Adobe's Strobe Gets Popular The Strobe framework gets all the ...
Softpedia - ‎May 14, 2009‎
The announcement was made at the 2009 Streaming Media East Conference. The framework, codenamed Strobe, is designed to set a new standard when it comes down ...

Move Networks Goes After the ISP Market
Contentinople - ‎10 hours ago‎
At Streaming Media East this week, Inuk founder and CEO Marcus Liassides showed off a version of the company's "virtual set-top box," an electronic ...

Streaming Media East 2009 - Mogulus Live Broadcast
Procaster live streaming demos

Vid-Biz: Video Hosting, DVRCast, FiOS TV
By Chris Albrecht - May 14, 2009
Report: Adobe’s DVRCast Launching Within a Week; product makes live video events instantly available on-demand, so you don’t have to miss anything shown. (Zatz Not Funny!) UPDATE: An Adobe rep wrote in to clarify this story. From their email: “At the Streaming Media East panel, Kevin Towes discussed an upcoming offer for a free sample piece of code (DVRCast), which will help Adobe’s customers use the DVR functionality feature available in FMS 3.5. That code will be available later in the month at”

datmedia Launches Monthly Billing for Datpresenter V2 Internet TV Service -

On2 Technologies to Exhibit at Streaming Media East 2009 -

Mirror Image Internet Taps Wowza Media Systems -

Updated 5/16/09

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Streaming Media East 2009 Comes to a Close With Record Attendance

Streaming Media East came to a close today and the success of the 12th annual Conference and Exhibition was evident as it reached a milestone with record attendance. This is great news for the online video and streaming media industry that we can continue to grow opportunity and innovate even in our economic downturn. Content owners, viral video creators, online marketers, enterprise corporations, broadcast professionals, ad agencies, educators and others all come to Streaming Media East to see and hear the latest online video technology but, more importantly, to discuss the business models that are coming of age. A number of the sessions and keynotes were streamed live from and TV Worldwide and TV Worldwide has an extensive collection of video interviews, keynotes and sessions here. The video archives of all the keynotes and panel sessions will be available on within the next few weeks. Here's another collection of news, information and analysis from Streaming Media East 2009. Streaming Media East Closes with Record Attendance
New York - Streaming Media East 2009 (May 13, 2009) - The Streaming Media East conference and exhibition, held at the New York Hilton, closed today with an announcement of record attendance at the event. The total number of registered attendees was 3,733, which represents the largest number in the modern history of the event under the current ownership of Information Today, Inc.

“When we acquired this property in late 2002, we were aware of the potential of the Streaming Media events, but we started in the first year with only a few exhibitors, and around 100 attendees,” says Tom Hogan, Jr., V.P. of Marketing and Business Development. “The conference and exhibition has now grown, with the support of the industry, to be the leading online video event in the world. The fact that we set attendance records in such a challenging economy is nothing short of phenomenal, and a signal that online video has emerged as an essential communications tool, and a must-have for companies to succeed in today’s business environment.”

Akamai CEO: The Online-Video Tipping Point Is Here - Advertising Age - Video
Akamai CEO Paul Sagan sees more waves of media disruption ahead.
Paul Sagan Sees Larger Implications Than Many Imagine
Produced by
Hoag Levins Published: May 14, 2009

NEW YORK ( -- How big of a game changer will online video watching ultimately be for the TV industry? And when will those changes really start to happen big time? According to Akamai CEO Paul Sagan, consumers are watching the tipping point occur right now and sweeping industry upheaval may come sooner and more dramatically than many imagine. Mr. Sagan was keynote speaker at this week's Streaming Media East Conference. Streaming Media East: Verizon and boxee Want In To Your Living Room
By Tim Siglin -- May 13, 2009 -- Keynotes from Verizon and boxee pushed forward the concept of getting online video into the living room, though each company takes a radically different approach.
Day 2 of Streaming Media East opened with two keynotes, one from a representative of an established telecom and another from the founder of a software startup. The opening keynoter was Joe Ambeault, director, product development and management, video services for Verizon. He addressed the way Verizon handles a rapid development cycle, quipping "Yes, we're a telco and we do five 9's [99.999% uptime] but we also have an incubator approach for new technologies. Then we go to prototyping, and you'll notice I didn't say anything about positioning and business plans. We then move to 'do no harm' testing'...

Boxee, ESPN Discuss Cable-Cord Cutting and Online TV - Digits - WSJ
By Andrew LaVallee -- May 12, 2009 -- Online video has become much more available to consumers in recent years, but its providers disagree over how much it will complement or cannibalize traditional television.

At the Streaming Media East conference in New York, Damon Phillips, a vice president at, said he knows what it’s like to lose the battle for the TV remote and often watches games on his PC while his daughter sits in front of “Hannah Montana” on the tube. “It fuels more consumption across all of our platforms,” he said.

But Avner Ronen, CEO of Boxee, which makes software for watching Web video on TV sets, said the increase in streamed TV will naturally lead more consumers to rethink whether they want to also pay $60 to $80 a month for cable. “If online provides to you a better experience, I think some people will choose to cut the cord,” he said. He estimated that tens of thousands of Boxee’s 500,000 users fall into that category. “I think cutting the cord is a hard decision to make,” he said, but it’s easier for younger consumers, such as recent college graduates who may have never seen a cable bill...

Web Content Is Like Sushi, and Other Tips - Digits - WSJ
By Andrew LaVallee -- May 13, 2009 -- When it comes to creating original material for the Web, Tim Shey, co-founder of Next New Networks, says it’s like sushi.

threadbanger_D_20090512192114.jpg Next New Networks
From “Threadbanger,” Next New Networks’s online show for DIY clothes-makers

“The fresher the better,” he said during a Streaming Media East panel session on digital content production, “and don’t leave it sitting around for too long.”

For Mr. Shey’s company, which makes Web shows such as “Barely Political” and “Nite Fite,” videos made in advance or with block shooting don’t do as well, he said.

Makers of online content, if they consider themselves “conversational,” must plan and budget for revised material, response videos and other shifts that the audience’s reaction prompts, said Christine Beardsell, a creative director at Digitas’s branded-content arm, Third Act. “That stuff just has to be planned ahead...”

VUDU & Brightcove Partner to Deliver Ad-Supported Online Video to Set Top Box
Posted by: Kristin Cronin, May 12, 2009 -- At Streaming Media East this week, we're very pleased to announce a new partnership between Brightcove and VUDU, a leading provider of digital technologies and services that deliver Web entertainment content to HDTVs and home theater, which will enable Brightcove media customers to distribute high-quality, advertising-supported content directly to the set top box...

Next On FiOS: Web Videos On Your Flat-Panel TV - BroadcastNewsroom
Verizon Also Testing Facebook, Twitter on Television By Todd Spangler

New York -- May 13, 2009 -- Verizon Communications plans to make some 7 million Web video clips available to FiOS TV customers within the next few weeks, but for now the biggest whales in the Internet-video ocean -- YouTube and Hulu -- won't be part of the lineup. Meanwhile, the telco has launched an "alpha" test of on-screen widgets for Facebook and Twitter, which let users see their friends' posts and can send updates of what someone is watching on FiOS TV at the moment to the Web...

TV Predictions from Streaming Media East « Media Experiences 2 Go
Posted on by Mari Silbey -- It’s a sign that the TV industry has changed when conversations from the Streaming Media East (SME) conference start sounding an awful lot like they could be transplanted directly from The Cable Show. Yesterday I sat in on an SME session entitled “Online Video and Set-Top Boxes”. With execs from Verizon, Motorola, TiVo and Showtime, the panel talked about how to improve the user experience, and how to make money in the new convergent, interactive video world. Sound familiar? There were a few new insights worth sharing, however...

By Brendan McDonald -- May 12, 2009 -- The Streaming Media East Convention kicked off in midtown Manhattan this morning and Sam Seder wasn't about to let it get started without Break Room Live in the house.
See how streaming media insiders reacted to having a streaming media superstar in their midst. Sam Seder gives an in-depth report from the Streaming Media East Conference in New York City, which is taking place on May 12 and 13, 2009. The conference, which draws all the big names in online streaming video, was of particular relevance to BRL, considering our spot atop the marketplace. Catch comedy sketches, interviews, political & cultural discussions, & interact with hosts & guests live: 3pm, M-F @! BreakRoomLive w/ Marc Maron & Sam Seder is a production of

Streaming Learning Center - Streaming Media East Presentations
By Jan Ozer -- May 13, 2009 -- I just got back from a wonderful trip to Streaming Media East, where I gave two presentations. The first was a 3 hour session on producing H.264 video... The second is, a 76 slide, 45-minute look at common mistakes made by video producers...

Welcome to Wall Street Polycom HDX 9000:: Flexible :: SEXY::ROI « Nico McLane’s Splice of Life
By Nico McLane -- May 13, 2009 -- I just returned to my office after a whirlwind 3 days of all things streaming media at the 2009 Streaming Media East Conference here in New York – I spent a good deal of time with Polycom experimenting with the HDX 9000 (my new favorite VTC) – we will be bringing a unit in to our lab and will test with several clients dialing in direct and using a variety of architecture’s to navigate video across the globe. In essence, we will be a bridge for the Enterprise with streaming media, HD broadcast (up to satellite), a better rate card and friendlier staff than your old school bridge!

Contentinople - Ryan Lawler - Launches Player Partner Program
Written by Ryan Lawler -- Tuesday, May 12, 2009 -- Online video ad management firm is looking to increase sales through integration with some of the top video management platforms. With the launch of its new Player Partner Program, has integrated its OneSource ad management platform with video management tools from Brightcove Inc. , Kaltura Inc., Mogulus, thePlatform Inc. , Twistage Inc., and VMIX Media Inc. "One of the trends we've seen is that an increasing number of publishers are working with many of the Internet video player providers rather than building out their own players," says Dakota Sullivan,'s vice president of sales and marketing.

Adobe beams up new Strobe video framework | Digital Media - CNET News
by Caroline McCarthy -- May 11, 2009 -- As part of the Streaming Media East conference in New York, Adobe has unveiled "Strobe," the "open framework" for its Flash video player that the company first announced last month. It's expected to be available in the third quarter of this year. Since you were probably wondering: No, Adobe is not tweaking the pronunciation of "Strobe" so that it rhymes. Thank goodness...

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