Saturday, November 7, 2009

Online Video Platform Summit - Brightcove CEO to Deliver Keynote Address

Brightcove was founded in 2004 by Jeremy Allaire and is considered to be the first online video platform. Brightcove is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) business with offices across North America, Europe and Asia and offers the most comprehensive video platform in the market according to a new report, The Forrester WaveTM: US Online Video Platforms, a Q4 2009 37-criteria evaluation of six top online video platform vendors by Forrester Research. Brightcove and Ooyala lead the pack with their end-to-end product offerings that target organizations of all sizes followed by Strong Performers: Kaltura And VMIX and Contenders: Twistage And Fliqz.

Brightcove is a Diamond Sponsor of the Online Video Platform Summit and Jeremy Allaire, Brightcove CEO and Chairman will deliver the keynote address, "Setting the Stage for 2010 and the Future of Online Video", Wednesday, November 18th at 1:45 PM. See Brightcove on the exhibit floor in Booth 705.

All six companies evaluated in the Forrester report are participating in the Online Video Platform Summit and several created videos to promote the event. In this video Jeremy Allaire briefly describes Brightcove's vision for video publishing on the web.

About Brightcove
Brightcove is an online video platform that is used by media companies, businesses and organizations worldwide to publish and distribute video on the Web. At our core, we’re dedicated to harnessing the inherent power of the open Internet to transform the distribution and consumption of professional media.

Today, Brightcove is used by hundreds of organizations in nearly in every corporate and social sector for online video initiatives. Operating in 28 countries with offices across North America, Europe and Asia, we count among our customers many of the largest media companies and marketing organizations in the world as well as a wide range of small and medium sized businesses.

The Brightcove platform is a white-label, on-demand service that gives website publishers all the capabilities they need to host, publish and serve high-quality video through players integrated with their sites. Beyond publishing, Brightcove makes managing the distribution of video across the Internet straight forward, and for media companies, the platform provides the functionality required to generate revenue from online video through advertising. Our open platform sits at the center of a fast-growing ecosystem of third-party technology, services, and solution partners who are extending the power and value of online video.

Jeremy Allaire
Chairman and CEO

Jeremy founded Brightcove in early 2004 with a vision for the transformation of television with the Internet. As President of Brightcove, Jeremy leads the company’s technology, marketing and business development strategy. Prior to founding Brightcove, Jeremy worked as a technologist and entrepreneur-in-residence for Cambridge, MA-based venture capital firm General Catalyst, where he worked on companies and investments in broadband media, mobile content, e-commerce software and digital identity.

Before General Catalyst, Jeremy was Chief Technology Officer of Macromedia, where he helped define and launch the Macromedia MX platform for Rich Internet Applications, helping to evolve Macromedia Flash into a dominant platform for rich media applications on the Internet. Jeremy joined Macromedia with its merger with Allaire Corporation, where Jeremy was a co-founder and Chief Technology Officer. Founded in 1995, Allaire Corporation was a pioneer in using the web as an application platform, and its industry leading and award winning products power millions of websites, online services and business applications on the Internet