Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Streaming Media East 2008: Viral Video in Action, Nalts Takes a Fall!

Just when I was ready to move on from my coverage of Streaming Media East, and start planning for Streaming Media West, I found one more story that had to be told. This video was blowing up all over blogosphere and I had to share here. It involved industry blogger and viral video genius, Kevin Nalts, who moderated a panel discussion about creating and promotion viral videos and as he says on his blog, "So I took a deliberate spill while hosting a panel at Streaming Media East called “Creating and Promoting Amateur Videos.” Paul Kontonis, CEO of For Your Imagination, screamed like a teenage girl, but was one of few people that realized it was a joke."

Nalts added that, "The fall is 1 minutes and 9 seconds in. Warning: Per my YouTube video today explaining this, when you do a pratfall that people think is real, you’ve backed yourself into a corner. If you say “I was just kidding,” you simple make it look like you’re saving face. So I didn’t bother to explain."

Here's his YouTube video below that immortalizes the pratfall.

Also, here's the official video below, produced by Scribe Media, along with the session description from the conference program.

Creating and Promoting Amateur and Viral Videos
Track A: (A103) 1:45 PM - 2:30 PM
The session explores what makes a video viral and how marketers and amateurs can promote their video using online video sites and blogs. Proven industry experts reveal what works and what doesn't — often counterintuitive advice that has helped them garner millions of viewers for one-hit wonders and serialized content. Come see firsthand examples from some of the best viral videos creators on the web and learn how they have created an online audience.

Moderator:Kevin Nalts, Product Director, Industry blogger,
Presenters:Paul Kontonis, CEO, Co-Founder, For Your Imagination
J. Crowley, Founder, Black20
Ben Relles, Founder and CEO,
Kip "Kipkay" Kedersha, Viral Video Producer, Metacafe Top Producer

About Nalts: "Kevin Nalts is one of the most-viewed YouTube comedians with more than 650 short online videos seen more than 25 million times. By day he's a Marketing Director at a Fortune 100 company, and he speaks, writes and consults in the area of online marketing and viral video. (more...) " - from