Saturday, May 30, 2009

Streaming Media East: Content Production for the Web

This is the first of a number of Streaming Media East videos that I'll be featuring on the blog titled, "Content Production for the Web" from Tuesday, May 12th which was moderated by my friend Paul Kontonis co-founder and CEO of New York-based digital media studio For Your Imagination. The panel features Tim Shey, Co-Founder, Head of Entertainment, Next New Networks, Christine Beardsell, VP, Creative Director, Creative Director, Digitas/The Third Act and Austin Chang, VP, Strategy and Development, MTV Digital and focused on the types of online video, audience engagement, production and monetization amongst other topics important to developing and producing web video. 

Paul was also part of the panel discussion I moderated at Streaming Media West last year on Streaming Media West: Updating and Syndicating Your Channels for New Media Distribution which also featured Mark Rotblat of TubeMogul and Saidah Nash of Thomas Reuters.

Content Production for the Web
Track C (C103)   1:45 PM - 2:30 PM

If the sitcom and miniseries were the unique genres of broadcast TV, what will the new online TV look like? What will appeal to audiences and get them to come back again and again? What is the relationship between the audience and the new forms of online video? This session provides a showcase for the talent creating this new medium and showcases the evolution of original online programming and the tools available to help content creators engage their audiences.

Paul Kontonis, CEO, Co-Founder, For Your Imagination
Tim Shey, Co-Founder, Head of Entertainment, Next New Networks
Christine Beardsell, VP, Creative Director, Digitas/The Third Act
Austin Chang, VP, Strategy and Development, MTV Digital

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By Andrew LaVallee - May 13, 2009
When it comes to creating original material for the Web, Tim Shey, co-founder of Next New Networks, says it’s like sushi. “The fresher the better,” he said during a Streaming Media East panel session on digital content production, “and don’t leave it sitting around for too long.”

For Mr. Shey’s company, which makes Web shows such as “Barely Political” and “Nite Fite,” videos made in advance or with block shooting don’t do as well, he said. (more...)