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Streaming Media East 2009 Day One News

The 12th annual Streaming Media East is in full swing with the Pre-conference seminars, Content Delivery Summit and day one of the two-day event Conference and Exhibition now completed. I saw a number of Tweets from @thinkjose, @stevegarfield, @ooyala and others at the show or watching remotely like me via the live streams available from ScribeMedia.org and TV Worldwide. Some of the sessions including the keynotes from day one are already archived on TV Worldwide along with articles on Streamingmedia.com and other online video sources. Here's the latest news I was able to find as of this evening. Streaming Media East 2009 continues through Wednesday, May 13, at the New York Hilton.

Streamingmedia.com: Streaming Media East: Pre-Conference Workshops Provide Practical Solutions
Workshops focusing on Silverlight, H.264, Flash, and video blogs provided attendees with detailed insights and hands-on experience.
by Tim Siglin - May 12, 2009
As the Streaming Media East 2009 show kicks off in New York, a large group of attendees participated in pre-conference workshops focused on creation and delivery of content. Led by industry experts, these sessions offered practical tips, tricks and workflows for Flash, H.264 and Silverlight. The pre-conference sessions were divided in to two tracks, with the morning sessions focused on Silverlight and H.264...

Streamingmedia.com: Streaming Media East: Day 1 Keynotes Highlight Entertainment and Enterprise Challenges
Akamai CEO Paul Sagan talked about the HD "tipping point" while Bank of America's Gregg Moss addressed issues faced when streaming within enterprise environments
by Tim Siglin -- May 12, 2009
The two keynotes were presented back to back, with the first being delivered by Akamai CEO Paul Sagan, who discussed the "tipping point" or critical mass of high-definition content on the web, defining HD content as 720p delivered at 1 - 2 megabits per second. "We've seen a tipping point in content delivery," said Sagan, "both in terms of audience sizes and in terms of quality of delivery." Sagan covered a variety of topics in proving this point, which we will cover in a future article, but his key points dealt with how we reached this tipping point and what the ongoing challenges are...

Perspectives on TV from Streaming Media East
Zatz Not Funny by Mari Silbey -- May 12, 2009
I skated in to the Streaming Media East show just in time to catch the “Online Video and Set-Top Boxes” session. The panel included representatives from TiVo, Showtime, Motorola (my employer), and Verizon, and was remarkably reminiscent of a few of the sessions at The Cable Show last month. However, the conversation always changes a bit based on the individuals involved, and the discussion has even evolved some over the course of a few short weeks...

Chicago Social Networking Examiner: Live at Streaming Media East. Day One. Schizophrenia and the common man.
We’ll get exact numbers tomorrow, but word is there are over 3500 attendees here at the Streaming Media East show being held in New York. This surpasses last year’s 3400 attendees, impressive in today’s economy with budget cuts on travel. There are about 50 vendors in booths and a bunch more roaming the floor. These vendors bring the latest in streaming media technology to end users who are their customers and prospects...

Dan Rayburn on the Streaming Video Market (Manifest Tech Blog)
Dan Rayburn gave his regular update on the streaming media market at the end of a busy day at the Streaming Media East conference in New York (see previous post). Rayburn keeps his fingers on the pulse of the market as executive VP at StreamingMedia.com and principal analyst at Frost & Sullivan. In particular, he talks with lots of customers who are pricing streaming services from Content Delivery Network (CDN) companies like Akamai and Limelight, and he kindly shares not only his insights, but also the real data, on his Business of Video blog at BusinessOfVideo.com...

SME: Paul Sagan Keynote | Online Video Watch
Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
In the opening keynote at Streaming Media East today Akamai CEO Paul Sagan provided a brief history of video on the web over the past decade and pointed to the ability to scale adaptive streaming technology as the tipping point that will enable online video to reach a TV size audiences. According to Sagan we’re entering a period that “we’re going to think of that of the golden age of the internet..."

Contentinople - Ryan Lawler - Akamai CEO: Online Video Has Reached a 'Tipping Point'

-- May 12. 2009
Due to vast advancements in video quality and scale, Akamai Technologies Inc. (Nasdaq: AKAM) CEO Paul Sagan said that we've finally reached a point where consumers will start to view online video the same way they view television. In a keynote speech at Streaming Media East today, Sagan pointed to the large number of viewers watching high-definition (HD) streams of live events like the Presidential Inauguration and the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament online. As a result, Sagan said he believed that online video had finally reached a "tipping point..."

TV Worldwide to Produce 6th Annual Webcast of Streaming Media East ...
(Earthtimes) (press release)
CHANTILLY, VA -- 05/12/09 -- TV Worldwide, a fast-growing web-based global Internet TV network, announced that it has again agreed to webcast the Streaming ...

Telestream Adds Limelight Networks CDN Services and Justin.tv ...
StreamingMedia.com (press release) - ‎9 hours ago‎
Wirecast is being demonstrated at Streaming Media East this week in New York City. Wirecast 3.5.2 is available for a free trial and online purchase (for ...

Polycom Enhances Video Recording, Streaming and Content Management ...
SYS-CON Media (press release) - ‎16 hours ago‎
Polycom is demonstrating its enhanced solution at the Streaming Media East conference (Polycom booth no. 201) taking place May 12-13 at the New York Hilton. ...

In the Limelight » Blog Archive » Adobe Portfolio Update from Streaming Media East
We’re exhibiting at the Streaming Media East trade show this week in New York City this week, and are making a few announcements via this post about our portfolio of Adobe products...

Qik videos from panel session, Live Broadcasting Over Mobile and Wi-Fi Networks

Steve Garfield (stevegarfield) on Qik

Qik | Bhaskar Roy | Streaming Media East 2009

Streaming Media East 2009 - Mogulus Live Broadcast

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