Monday, August 18, 2008

Master New Media: Best Live Video Streaming Services Compared - Sharewood Guide, Review of 13 Applications

Nico Canali De Rossi and Robin Good published a new guide for Master New Media yesterday titled, "Best Live Video Streaming Services Compared - Sharewood Guide", which looks at the some of latest live streaming services that are available to online video publishers, lifecasters and anyone who wants to stream live video. You can read the full article here as this post is just an excerpt of their detailed guide.

The features they covered include: Multimedia/Playlist integration, Text chat, Co-hosting-Multiple web cameras and recording. Included in the guide is the table below that compares the features of the following live video streaming services. I've used a number of these platforms but there are several I'm hearing about for the first time.

Live Video Streaming Services - Comparison Table

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You can read more about each of these services in the full guide which also has links to other Master New Media related articles. A few people have commented on this article with corrections to this table, such as, UStream does have a co-host feature and that Stickam can record live streams. Another newcomer to the live video streaming service LiveStreaming by Coolstreaming whichis currently is Beta.

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