Thursday, December 20, 2007

Scobleizer Scoops Kyte Funding

A day before the official announcement, Robert Scoble paid a visit to Kyte's San Francisco office and scooped the big story that Kyte has received additional funding to the tune of $15 million (US dollars) from Telefonica, Nokia, DoCoMo, Swisscom, Holtzbrinck and DFJ. In his usual social networking fashion he conducted a live web conference with the Kyte executives to break the news.

Why is this important? Well, it's not just because it's some of the coolest technology in lifecasting and microblogging - it's charting new territory in content distribution - as Scoble says , "Telefonica has 230 million users. DoCoMo has 52 million. Nokia has 39% of the cell phone market share. If the Kyte player is embedded on these three it brings a HUGE audience to Kyte." Read his blog for more information.

You can also go to Scobleizer's Qik page to view his Qik videos of the announcement.

Check out the Kyte blog for the latest on their mobile web development.