Friday, August 15, 2008

Not be Outdone, Flixwagon Now Also Available on iPhone 2.0.1 and 3G

Flixwagon announced yesterday that their live mobile broadcasting application is now available for iPhone 3G and for original iPhones running firmware 2.0.1. On their blog says,
"After being first to broadcast from iPhones back in June, and first to launch our public iPhone app for 1.1.4 in July, we're now releasing our app for iPhone 3G and original iPhone 2.0.x. This means we now support all iPhone models and firmware!"
As with Qik, your iPhone will need to be jailbroken with either Cydia or Installer. They have detailed instructions on how to install Flixwagon on their blog and more information on iSpazio. This is an Alpha release and they say that once the iPhone SDK supports native video they'll release an official application on the iPhone app store. They also note that, "We don't encourage 'opening' or 'jailbreaking' iPhones, nor switching back to older firmware, and users do so at their own risk."

Flixwagon also made big news partnering with MTV this past weekend on "Jonas Brothers: Live & Mobile" in a "First-Of-Its-Kind Nonstop Blogging Event" to deliver 6 million video streams to Jonas Brothers fans exceeding previous their records totaling 60,000 hours of content viewed and 281,000 page views.

On the Flixwagon blog Ken Zamkow says,
"Throughout the 36-hour event, a number of MTV bloggers and reporters made live videos directly to the MTV site and TV studio using mobile phones running the Flixwagon application... Even the brothers themselves carried one of the phones and made several live videos throughout the event... Apart from the successful event itself, what we’re also extremely happy about is that we were able to show again how the Flixwagon platform can scale and be customized to fit different types of live broadcasts, in terms of number of concurrent broadcasters, web video streams, and streaming from mobile phones to internet and/or television."
The Viacom press release also noted that,"This combination of mobile broadcasting technology and as-it-happens coverage is reminiscent of News and Docs' series "Diary," but with a live and direct twist."