Sunday, August 17, 2008

I'm Having a Louis Gray Moment

While recently checking my feeds in Feedburner I was pleased to see that I hit a new high of subscribers on this blog. While the business world is driven by metrics and data analysis to achieve the best outcomes my process is more organic. Over the last year, as I've explored social media and blogging, I've found a niche that's evolved through my interests and area of focus. I launched another blog that I try to maintain which has a single focus, called online video publishing, but issues with it's blog platform tools and time often drive me back to this blog. My attention is divided is so many directions that I don't usually keep track of how many people are subscribed, read it, link to it or it's reach. Lately though I've been looking at the data as my social networks expand and thought I would take a moment to share a blog milestone, or if you will, a Louis Gray moment.

While it may seem inconsequential to some, I've grown my readers and reached 100 subscribers on this blog not through any sort of aggressive marketing plan, but through an active participation in the online communities of Friendfeed, Twitter, Seesmic, MyBlogLog, Blog Catalog, ooVoo, Qik, etc. where I've exchanged conversations and shared comments, ideas, opinions and specifically my own unique channel of information. I love seeing new and familiar faces appear on my blog in the MyBlogLog widget, tracking people's Twitter updates and the discussions and sharing in Friendfeed. Unlike Chris Brogan I have to sleep so end up with a lot of draft posts of which many don't get published. But that's okay, because right now I'm in it for the fun and I'll draft a business plan later.

Thank you all for participating in this blog and being a part of my community. Also, thanks to Louis Gray for the inspiration of this post. As an early adopter of Friendfeed and one it's most vocal advocates he's helped see it's real value. This post was meant to celebrate his self-referential style of analysis and how a single blogger fits into the bigger picture. He may not know it but I'm an A's fan too.

A little more about me... I've been an artist, musician and have collected comic books ever since I was a kid (mostly Marvel), I've been a film and video maker since college, a video communications professional most of my adult life and a blogger for less than a year. But of all the things I've done I'm hooked on blogging the most.