Sunday, March 16, 2008

Daniel Graf on the Difference Between Kyte.TV, Seesmic, Qik and Flixwagon

A few days ago Allen Stern posted this interview from SXSW with Kyte CEO and Co-founder Daniel Graf about the difference between the Kyte and Seesmic, Qik and Flixwagon. It appeared on CenterNetworks as SXSW: Video Interview - Kyte.TV Explains The Difference With Seesmic, Qik and Flixwagon.

Graf defined Kyte as an enabling technology and other platforms as destinations. He explained that all four record labels are using Kyte and the major difference is that Kyte’s offerings are broader than it’s competitor with on demand video, slide shows, polls, Facebook apps and everything is interactive as “a full media platform.”

50 Cent was a early Kyte adopter and premiered his new video on Facebook (powered by Kyte) and got 500,000 views in two days. “It’s massive” said Graf who explained that with the Kyte player branding you can create a “micro website” that’s virally distributed on many platforms.

While other platforms focus on streaming “Kyte wants to be a much fuller experience than other sites doing livestreaming… its sights are set higher than that” said Joseph Weisenthal from MoconetNews in his March 10 th interview with Graf titled, @ SxSW: Interview: Daniel Graff; Kyte Vs. The World; More Than Just Video Streaming. Graf asserted “We do slideshows like Slide, but they don’t do mobile video… we do mobile video streaming like Qik, we do mobile uploads like Shozu. We do mobile chatting like Meebo… What the brands want… they don’t want five widgets they want one super-widget..”

Graf created quite a buzz for Kyte at SXSW with some of the following coverage:
  • Scoble interviewed Graf at SXSW as well and posted these five separate Qik videos of which he said, “Unfortunately the connection kept going down, so we split that video up into five pieces. Here they are: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V.”
  • Kyle Monson from AppScout also interviewed Graf in his Mar 12th post,SXSW: Interview with's Daniel Graf where Graf offered an important tip to video podcasters, “"It's all about the content quality. If you have compelling content, we'll probably give you the easiest way to product, and the easiest way to distribute. But if your content is not compelling, it's not going to work. And it's not easy to do compelling content… I think the sweet spot is between three and four minutes. Don't do a 20-minute show, no one's going to watch that.”

You can check the Kyte blog for more information: