Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Critical Skills for Streaming Producers by Jan Ozer

Jan Ozer has just authored a new publication titled, "Critical Skills for Streaming Producers" which calls, "a mixed media resource" in the form of, "340-page PDF file in book form, complete with extensive bookmarks that allow readers to quickly find the desired material."

It includes an extensive amount of supplemental material in the form of screencam software tutorials on the standard video editing and encoding tools for Windows and Mac like Adobe Premiere Pro and Media Encoder and Apple Final Cut Pro and Compressor, along with multi-format video tutorials on "Creating a Compressible Background for On-Location Shoots" or "Setting Up Three Point lighting", videos detailing quality differences in compression and deinterlacing settings in Compressor, and illustrated software checklists.

Additionally, "The content also includes extensive market research detailing information like the video resolutions and data rates utilized by major broadcast and corporate sites, or whether these producers are publishing at 15 or 30 fps."

Here's a sample of the chapter list (click chapter title for details):

Chapter 1:
The Streaming Landscape
Chapter 2:
Designing Your Set
Chapter 3:
Lighting the Set
Chapter 4:
Streaming Related Shooting Skills
Chapter 5:
Correcting Audio and Video Problems
Chapter 6:
Choosing a Codec
Chapter 7:
Choosing Output Parameters
Chapter 8:
Production Work Flows
Chapter 9:
Encoding Basics
Chapter 10:
Encoding with the Adobe Media Encoder
Chapter 11:
Encoding with Apple Compressor

Jan Ozer is well known in the streaming media community as a respected expert on video compression, an instructor, author and frequent contributor to Streaming Media Magazine, EventDV and Digital Content Producer. He founded Doceo Publishing Inc. in 1993 and offers advise and consultation to the streaming media community via his web site.

I've attended several of his lectures and read some of his numerous articles and I've found his information invaluable to my professional and video personal work. I've listed the resources he's made available from previous Streaming Media conference workshops which are also PDF files that you can download.

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