Thursday, May 29, 2008

Mogulus Launches Google Overlay Ads Today

Starting today at 3pm EST, Mogulus will begin inserting overlay adverts in all Mogulus Free channels. A May 28th email to Mogulus channel producers along with a post the Mogulus blog said, "The adverts are provided by our partner Google and are content and viewer location targeted text adverts. They will be shown on the Mogulus channel page and all embedded Mogulus players (for Mogulus Free channels only)"

This Beet.TV
video by Andy Plesser was recorded last week at Streaming Media East, and is an interview with Max Haot, CEO and Founder of Mogulus who discusses the launch of Google overlay ads.

The email/blog post continued, "We hope you will agree that the ads are not too intrusive and, particularly in this first phase, we sincerely hope that you will leave them enabled. Advertising on Mogulus Free channels will help us to offset some of the high hosting bandwidth costs we are incurring every month and allow us to keep the free platform exactly! We'll also be evaluating just how effective the ads are and this will help us plan a future release of advertising revenue share programs for selected Mogulus producers."

To see the adverts in action visit "The Digital Lifestyle".