Saturday, January 30, 2010

Online Video Platform Summit: Online Video Platform Showcase, Day 1 - Kaltura, Kyte, VMIX, Delve Networks

As part of the Online Video Platform Summit, eight of the leading online video platform providers showcased the features and capabilities in two sponsored sessions over the two-day event. This session from day one features Kaltura, Kyte, VMIX, and Delve Networks. While each of these providers have similar offerings, they all differentiate themselves by their video publishing platforms, analytics and monetization features, scalability, integration, pricing, strategy and market presence. According to the The Forrester Wave™: US Online Video Platforms, Q4 2009, an evaluation of six leading online video platform vendors, "71% of the US online audience watches video on the Internet, and the number of streams consumed should more than double by 2013", so whether you're a large media publisher or a small retailer, every organization needs a video strategy and online video platforms power video for an organization.

While the report was criticized for not being inclusive of the many OVP providers in the market, Forrester maintained that it employed a specific 37-criteria evaluation of online video platform vendors. That ruled out all but the six in the report, with Brightcove and Ooyala leading the pack with their end-to-end product offerings that target organizations of all sizes. VMIX and Kaltura followed closely behind with comprehensive offerings and are Strong Performers, while Twistage and Fliqz serve more narrow segments of the market and are Contenders.

Regardless of the Forrester report, watch this video to learn more about Kaltura, Kyte, VMIX, and Delve Networks. Also, see Jan Ozer's article Choosing an Online Video Platform, on

Online Video Platform Showcase - Day 1
Ron Yekutiel, Chairman and CEO, Kaltura
Daniel Graf, Co-Founder and CEO, Kyte
Dan Charleston, Senior Vice President Business Development, VMIX
Alex Castro, CEO, Delve Networks

What are the main functions and features customers should be looking for when evaluating online video platforms?

My friend Kris Drey of Vidcompare offers this advise:
"It’s important to know your use case for online video prior to getting started with your search. Identifying the purpose of your video effort be it a start-up marketer looking to extend brand reach and increase time spent on site, a large media publisher looking for content management, syndication, and distribution, or a SMB looking for an internal training solution with multiple log-ins, and administrative rights. Once you’ve identified your needs you can look for a provider who can accommodate the top 4-5 features that address your goals."

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