Sunday, January 10, 2010

CES 2010: Nalts' Parody Coverage on New Gadgets

With all the the latest gadgets and technology coming out of CES 2010, leave it to Nalts to spoof the news coverage of the big event. He enlisted the help of his new babysitter as news anchor and produced this short video as "tech guru" correspondent where he "reports live" on,
"the hottest new tech gadgets and trend to take us by storm in 2010. What are the must-have technology toys for the new decade? (Oh, yeah, this is a parody of the clueless media coverage, goofy "must-have" gadgets, and silly tech wars)."

See his blog post, CES Parody: Worst Coverage on New Gadgets | Will Video for Food, on the "making of" the video where explains the pains he endured in editing in iMovie 8 and apologizes for the audio quality. He says he couldn't resist using Femto, which is a word he still can't define.

Kevin says,
"My goal was to capture the clueless field reporter, and the absurdity of the latest gadgets. I also hoped to zing a few of the egos (especially Ballmer, my favorite target)."

Who’s Nalts?

Kevin "Nalts" Nalty is one of the most-viewed YouTube personalities and a career marketer. Formerly with Johnson & Johnson and Merck, he now helps companies engage with customers via social media's most visceral form: online video. See for more, and follow him on

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