Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The Return of EPIC FU!! Pioneering Web Show Relaunches on January 21st

After many long months of hiatus, award winning internet culture web show EPIC FU, produced by creative team Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf, returns to the web on January 21st. In a celebration at the Tubefilter Hollywood Web TV Meetup in Los Angeles sponsored by HP and Intel, the sixth season of the "premiere web show about emerging culture" will be screened and a discussion with Steve and Zadi will follow. The event will be streamed live on Stickam at 7:30 PM PST.

EPIC FU premiered on June 1, 2006 with Zadi Diaz as the host as a weekly show focused on emerging art, music, technology and internet culture. Described as a "hyperfast-paced pop culture newscast" by Wired, the show will relaunch into a new format with two shows a week focused on music and film, and a new blog network featuring daily fresh content.

I recently spoke with Zadi at Streaming Media West, and she shared some advise for web producers trying to break into the business. Zadi said it's important to connect with your audience, and EPIC FU is a pioneering example of how to build a global community around your web show. Zadi also spoke with Peter Cervieri for a Streaming Media West 2009 Red Carpet Interview, about the evolution of her show and the growing pains felt by the web television industry. EPIC FU has won two Webby Awards and a Streamy Award, and remains independently owned and produced by Zadi Diaz and Steve Woolf.

Where Has EPIC FU Been?

On the EPIC FU blog Steve explained the where and why,

"The shortest explanation is really the least sexy: we needed to do other things to make money. We made some television commercials, we worked with PBS, we made a new 6-episode show for Next New Networks, and did a couple dozen other production and consulting gigs.
Throughout that entire time we were always planning the next iteration of Epic Fu in our minds. One of the things that we feel makes us different from other shows is that we are not afraid to change the show in response to the way the Internet changes. People interact with show like Epic Fu in a different way now than they did a year ago, and two years ago, and we need to change in accordance."

Since EPIC FU went on hiatus in the spring of 2009, many have both hoped and speculated that the revered web show would return. Now, for the many fans and supporters of the show, come January 21, the wait will be over.

Congratulations Zadi and Steve!

About the creators of EPIC FU (Bios courtesy of Tubefilter)

Zadi Diaz Zadi Diaz is a Webby and Streamy Award winning new media producer, digital filmmaker, and host of EPIC FU. She began her online career as a videoblogger and media activist, creating short-form personal documentaries and video mashups that garnered the attention of the New York Times, CBS Evening News, MTV, The Assoicated Press and other national publications. She is a Film Independent Project:Involve Fellow, a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences, the International Academy of Web Television, as well as a member of the Transatlantic Network 2020, an international initiative founded by the British Council to help bridge cultures.

Steve Woolf Steve Woolf has been working in online media for over a decade as writer, producer, and technologist. As a two-time Webby Award winner and four-time nominee for EPIC FU, Steve co-created, writes, directs, and produces the pioneering show about web culture that has become one of the most well-known shows on the Internet. He was also honored with a Streamy Award and two nominations in 2009. Steve is an inaugural member of the International Academy of Web Television, a member of the Open Entertainment Alliance, and sits on the PBS Engage Advisory

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Updated 1/14/10: Added quote from Steve Woolf