Friday, January 1, 2010

2010 Predictions From Around The Web - Online Video, Social Media and Technology

It's 2010 now, and many have predicted what will happen in the new year. I shared my thoughts on the subject in the most recent issue of Streaming Media magazine as part of the annual Special Sponsored Section: Executive Predictions - Streaming Media Magazine which features 30 executives and thought leaders in the space who share their online video and streaming predictions. An extended version of my 2009 reflections/2010 predictions appeared as a guest post on Nalts' blog Will Video For Food.

Many of the executives talked about how online video will continue to grow, how online video services and delivery will become more commoditized, how standards will evolve, how television will shift online, how mobile will explode, how we'll see emerging models for online advertising, analytics, monetization and convergence of content across all three screens and new generation portable devices, and many more perspectives. The print version has been published and the online version should be available sometime soon. You can read many of the predictions online at the companies' blogs.

Here's what I wrote:
"Today, virtually every aspect of video has become a business. Content producers, media companies, SMBs to major corporations all have the same opportunities to build their businesses as online video publishers.
What is important for video publishers is the value that video brings to ROI. It won't be enough for companies to just deploy video solutions. They’ll need to engage in the communities where their audiences are through a variety of social networks. Conversation tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube will help marketers extend their reach and promote their brands. Video is really becoming part of people’s strategy and part of the ecosystem of their overall marketing plan.

So what did we learn from 2009? Yes, video is big and keeps on growing. But if 2009 proved anything, it showed us that the power of video and social media can change the way we experience world events, like Presidential Inaugurations or breaking news stories from citizen journalists seen first on YouTube or Twitter.
2009 saw a shift in how we do business from the personal to the virtual. From the boardroom to the living room, to the mobile device that will soon do everything -- so it's no surprise that video has become the vehicle for our conversation.
More than any other year, 2009 saw the rise of video one of the most effective communication mediums. In 2010, the focus will be on high quality content, storytelling, and business models that will continue to emerge to foster that growth."
Now onto my annual collection of predictions from around the web:

Robin Good and Robin Good and Daniele Bazzano of MasterNewMedia prepared this 2-part collection of predictions:
I made sure that there were no duplicates from Robin Good's list of predictions:
  • 11 Predictions for the Online Video Industry in 2010 - Mark Robertson, Reel SEO - Everyone is giving their predictions for the Internet marketing and online video space in 2010 and I thought I’d better jump on the bandwagon with my 2 cents… Granted, I certainly have some more insightful predictions that I could provide but I figured it’s New Year’s Eve and we should all be relaxing…
  • Predictions For Online Video in 2010 | Jeremy Allaire | Voices | AllThingsD
    2009 brought a lot of change to the online video world. We saw the surging growth of new players like Hulu, the advent of TV Everywhere (TVE), the first steps of YouTube’s monetization, more live video and mobile video, and video starting to reach beyond media and into other sectors of society. Video advertising-based monetization also grew 50 percent year over year–the fastest growth rate for any form of advertising during the Great Recession. From the energy of our customers to the phone calls from investment bankers, it is quite apparent that 2010 is going to be a very significant year again for online video...
  • Kaltura CEO 2010 Prediction for Online Video
    We will see continued commoditization of the video delivery space. With affordable HDTV-grade online delivery available to all, publishers’ focus will shift from the delivery layer to the application layer. ‘Cookie cutter’ stand-alone video management features will be replaced by highly customized functionalities and work-flows that are tightly integrated with other content management systems...
  • 2010 Predictions for Online Video « Online Video and Video Providers - VidCompare - We’re seeing 2010 predictions emerge in the Online Video space by industry leaders and it provides for interesting reading. That being said, there’s nothing shocking being stated, or rather, there are no big surprises or prognostications of something new to come. Everyone tends to agree on what to expect in the New Year including the much hyped TV Everywhere, set-top boxes, multiple screens, and of course, mobile.
Kris Drey also included the following four OV predictions:

    Tech, business and social media predictions:
    I know I've missed a bunch more... so let me know if you see any that I should add to the list or if you have any predictions of your own. All the best to everyone in 2010!