Thursday, March 5, 2009

The End is Near, Kyle Piccolo Watchmen Miniseries Episode 3 of 3

With March 6 almost upon the east coast the midnight of showing of the WATCHMEN movie is little more than an hour away. I know many fans who have their tickets for the midnight movie are waiting with anticipation for the highly acclaimed graphic novel to come to life on the big screen.

Just in time for the opening, here's the third of a three-episode WATCHMEN miniseries! Note the added affect to the Innovid player to help you find the hidden easter eggs.

Episode description: The end is here and it is explosive! Kyle and Doucheus face the third and final visitor - will they survive the experience? This episode is sponsored by WATCHMEN - - and in honor of the movie release, we've peppered this episode with a bunch of Watchmen references - can you find them all?

Follow these links to watch "3 6 9 - Part One" and "3 6 9 - Part Two", and get the latest Kyle Piccolo news and more videos at

See HungrymanTV's Phistophicles for his Watchmen tie-in episode, Comic Book 8 as Phistophicles sells his soul in the name of branded content and viral marketing (which interestingly enough didn’t even exist in ancient Greece!) as he not-so-cleverly shills for the movie, “Watchmen.”

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