Saturday, March 7, 2009

What The--?! Watchmen Joins Saturday Morning Cartoon Line up

Move over "Scooby Doo" and "Super Friends" because Saturday morning cartoons just got another addition to its line up with this "Watchmen" animated short by Harry Partridge, which provides us with a hilarious and unnerving glimpse into what it would look like if a Saturday morning "Watchmen" cartoon had actually been made.

So far the video has over 250,ooo views on YouTube and almost 750 comments on Newgrounds where Harry posted a "digitally remastered swf" that he "ripped" from an old VHS tape. He says, "This combines two huge passions of mine, one being the comic genius (?) that is Alan Moore and the other being kids programming from the late 80s which I would say is my biggest animation inspiration."

Also, check out the related post by Liz Shannon Miller on NewTeeVee where she rounds up several other "Watchmen"-inspired fan creations.