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Weekly Review: Online Video and Advertising 2/23/09 - 2/27/09

Here's the latest installment on the weekly review rounding out the last week of February 2009 with a focus on online video and advertising.

February 23, 2009

Chumby bets on Internet-connected TVs | last100
— Hoping to move beyond being a geek's favorite boutique gadget to something more mainstream, Chumby is partnering with chip maker Broadcom to make it easy for consumer electronics companies to embed its widget platform into Internet-connected TVs, Blue-ray players and set-top boxes

Leichtman Research Group - Actionable Research on the Broadband, Media and Entertainment Industries
Leichtman Research Group | Press Releases

ONLINE VIDEO USAGE CONTINUES TO GROW - Yet Online Video is Having Little Impact on Traditional TV Viewing and Services Durham, NH - February 23, 2009 - New consumer research from Leichtman Research Group, Inc. (LRG) found that usage of online video expanded in the past year. In total, 34% of adults online at home report that they view some type of video online at least weekly, including 11% who view video online daily – this compares to 31% of those online who viewed video online at least once a week last year, and 25% two years ago. While those watching recent TV shows online have increased, TV shows rank well down the list of the types of video that people are regularly viewing online, and the impact on traditional TV viewing and multi-channel video subscriptions has been negligible.

TV, Internet And Mobile Usage In U.S. Continues To Rise | Nielsen Wire

Viewing of video on television, Internet and mobile devices — the Three Screens — continues to increase and has hit record levels. Nielsen’s fourth quarter A2/M2 Three Screen Report reports that the average American watches more than 151 hours of TV per month, an all-time high. They are also watching several hours of video on other devices: those who watch it on the Internet consume another 3 hours of online video per month, and those who use mobile video watch nearly 4 hours per month on mobile phones and other devices.

Report: U.S. Video Viewing Continues Rise on TV, Web & Mobile | Digital Media Wire
New York - Americans now watch more than 151 hours of TV a month -- an all-time high -- while those who watch video online consume another 3 hours of video per month, and those who use mobile video watch nearly 4 additional hours per month on mobile phones and other devices, according to a report from Nielsen.

Online Video Viewing Up, Impact on TV “Negligible” « NewTeeVee - Television is still king, despite gains being made online. That’s according to two separate research reports released today. Taken together, the studies from Nielsen and Leichtman Research Group (LRG) also help illustrate how newteeve is impacting oldteevee (hint: it isn’t). In its A2/M2 Three Screen Report for the fourth quarter of 2008, Nielsen found that video consumption is up across all three video screens. In the U.S. each month the average TV watcher soaks in 151 hours of television (an all-time high), the average online video viewer watches some three hours’ worth of content on the web, and people who use mobile video watch almost four hours of video on their phones and other wireless devices.

The Cable Industry Closes Ranks - Part 2

An article in Friday's WSJ "Cable Firms Look to Offer TV Programs Online" outlined a plan under which Comcast and Time Warner Cable, the nation's 2 largest cable operators, would give just their subscribers online access to cable networks' programming.

Kyte image

February 24, 2009

MediaPost Publications Firing SQAD: Data Firm Sets 'CPM' As Online Ad Metric 02/24/2009
In a move that will likely align the ROI of online advertising more closely with that of traditional media such as television, an influential source of media marketplace data this morning announced it will use Madison Avenue's long-standing CPM, or cost-per-thousand, metric as the "currency" for tracking online advertising. The announcement by Tarrytown, NY-based SQAD, comes as other influential industry source are trying to reshape online media in the image of television, and as online industry insiders wage their own debate about the best metrics for evaluating the efficacy of their medium.

MediaPost Publications Nielsen: Video Viewing Up Across Three Screens 02/24/2009

nielsen three screen reportThe appetite for video continued to grow in the fourth quarter as U.S. consumers watched more programming across television, the Internet and mobile devices than the prior quarter, according to Nielsen's latest A2/M2 Three Screen report.

Americans viewed a record average of 151 hours of TV monthly in the quarter, while those tuning into online video averaged nearly three hours, and mobile video users watched for almost four hours monthly. Time-shifted television had the biggest gain, increasing to an average of seven hours and 11 minutes from 6:27 in the third quarter and from 5:24 a year ago--a 33% annual jump. For young people, watching video online and on a DVR are equally popular, with an average of five hours spent monthly on each format.

Video: It’s a Pirate’s Life! - TVWeek - News

Media companies could be training consumers to become pirates, Daisy Whitney warns in the latest edition of her New Media Minute. Hulu recently yanked its content from both and Boxee, a move that might send some consumers over to the dark side to get their TV shows. Daisy shares her advice to Hollywood on how to handle such kerfluffles. But there are factions of the online video business getting along just fine. The Bay Area Interactive Group, along with media agency McCann WorldGroup, partnered with San Francisco public high school teachers to train them on how to bring blogging, podcasting, online video and social networking into their classrooms. For all the details, watch the New Media Minute.

Advertising Age
Guess Which Medium Is as Effective as Ever: TV - Advertising Age - MediaWorks
Despite All That Ails the Toob, Marketers Can Still Reach the Audience They Are Looking for -- Even Web-Obsessed Youth

February 25, 2009

Chart: Monthly Time Spent Watching Video - TVWeek - News
Americans are watching more video than ever, according to Nielsen, which released its “Three Screen Report” covering television, the Internet and mobile video. The time spent watching time-shifted TV jumped from a year ago, while the time spent watching video on TV and the Internet each grew by almost 4%.

Q4 2008 Q3 2008 Q4 2007 Diff % Diff Hrs
Watching TV in the home 151:03 140:48 145:49 3.6% 5:13
Watching time-shifted TV 7:11 6:27 5:24 33.0% 1:47
Using the Internet 27:04 27:18 26:08 3.6% 0:56
Watching video on Internet 2:53 2:31 n/a n/a n/a
Mobile subscribers watching video on a mobile phone 3:42 3:37 n/a n/a n/a

Source: Nielsen Co.

TV news must embrace new media, CNN exec warns - Breaking News -
Using the Internet and social-networking sites is essential to the survival of television news, a CNN senior vice president told a media conference in Miami.
Netflix plans streaming as stand-alone
NEW YORK -- Netflix is looking at launching an online streaming-only subscription service within the next year, CFO Barry McCarthy confirmed here Wednesday.The company is "likely to do a streaming-only product in the foreseeable future," he said at the fifth annual Jefferies & Co. Internet & Media Conference. He later told The Hollywood Reporter that it was likely to launch in the next 12 months, as CEO Reed Hastings had signaled in a recent Bloomberg interview. Repurposing TV for Streaming
Content can be produced and repurposed for a three-screen universe without having to use completely independent workflows. Here’s a look at how to establish a “create once, use anywhere” converged workflow.
Figure 1

WA State Wants To Tax Streaming Content, Get Ready To Help Us Fight It | The Business Of Online Video
February 26, 2008

Warner Bros., For Your Imagination to Bow Watchmen Work
MediaCom has crafted an online campaign for Watchmen that attempts to generate interest among less-familiar movie fans

Internap Updates Me On Their CDN Strategy, Now It's Time To Execute | The Business Of Online Video

The Death of User-Generated Online Video Content? - ReelSEO
AccuStream iMedia Research believes that the end of the user-generated content era is close at hand as outlined in their recent report Pro Online Video Views 1998–2012. Last year, they say, there was a 25% increase in prodfessionally produced content on the web. This content generated 41.6 billion views. However if I remember correctly last year saw a lot of broadcast companies jump onthe online bandwagon.
In fact TV programs on the web were around 17% of that according to their report and more than 30% was aimed at children.
Is Professional Content the Future of Online Video? - eMarketerUS Professionally Produced Online Video Related to Children's Entertainment, 2001 & 2008 (% of total US professionally produced online video) Nielsen: Total Video Streams Top 10 Billion « NewTeeVee
Nielsen released its January VideoCensus data today, reporting that total video streams over the course of the month crossed the 10 billion mark, and the overall number of unique viewers surpassed 135 million. Thank you, President Obama, for live-streaming your inauguration.

MediaPost Publications Online Video Ad Vendors Must Face Standardization Hurdle 02/26/2009
Standardization remains the key challenge facing the online video industry, according to experts gathered Wednesday for a panel on video advertising at Jefferies 5th Annual Internet and Media Conference in New York. "The largest brands are looking for some degree of standardization," said Matt Wasserlauf, CEO of online video network Broadband Enterprises

Will Video for Food » Dismal Advertising Forecast- But Online-Video Has Immunity Idol
Despite this gloomy IDC report (AdAge) about online-advertising contracting, online video will flourish. And I’m not the only guy who thinks so. IDC’s director for digital media and entertainment, Karsten Weide, tells AdAge that online advertising spending will be soft the first half of 2009 (but online advertising will do better than the economy at large). Weide says video is currently “enjoying the high ground,” especially as use increases.

February 27, 2008

comScore: Google Surpasses 6B Streams in January « NewTeeVee
Though comScore hasn’t officially released its numbers yet, Hulu was kind enough to share its copy of the VideoMetrix data for January (hence Hulu being highlighted in the chart below). But the big story from the numbers is Google/YouTube, which lept to 6.3 billion videos streamed in January, up from 5.9 billion in December. GoogTube also added another 1.7 million unique viewers to hit 101.8 million, up from a little more than 100 million in December. While Hulu’s overall streams were up roughly 10 million in January, hitting more than 250 million streams, the site dropped more than 120,000 unique viewers between December and January.

And as we saw yesterday with Nielsen’s January numbers, Turner got a nice boost from Obama’s inauguration (thank you, CNN online video coverage) on comScore’s rankings as well, serving nearly 196 million streams in January, up from nearly 184 million in December, and its uniques reached 22.9 million, up from roughly 20.5 million in December.

Contentinople - Ryan Lawler - Reality Digital Tries to 'Harmonize' Social Media
Reality Digital Inc. has announced a new platform called Harmony that is designed to enable small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) to launch social media tools on their brand Websites. Reality Digital mostly provides social networking and interactive video applications for large organizations through its enterprise-focused core product, called Opus, and a professional services team for custom design and development of those services.

Netflix tweets: Viva la red envelope! » VentureBeat Defining Network Success Downward
Broadcast Networks Battling Uphill for Profit and Audience -