Tuesday, March 17, 2009

iJustine Holds Virtual Press Conference, Announces Streamy Awards Audience Choice Voting is Now Open

The Audience Choice Awards voting is now open for The First Annual Streamy Awards. Following the open call for nominations close to 100,000 unique submissions were processed by the International Academy of Web Television. According to Joshua Cohen of those submissions, "The top 10 most nominated shows across the board all qualified as finalists for the Audience Choice Award. With the help of Episodic, the video publishing platform powering Streamys.org, each of the nominated shows was pre-screened by over 10,000 audience members. Viewers representing a broad set of demographics were asked to indicate which portions of the shows they found most appealing." See the user data here.

iJustine is the official live blogger of The Streamy Awards Ceremony on March 28 and she held this virtual press conference to introduce the finalists of the the Audience’s Choice Awards and how you can vote for your favorite web series.

The Official Rules state that you can cast one vote per day for your favorite show, up until March 28. Multiple votes in a single 24-hour period will not count. You can come back every day and help your favorite show win the most coveted award in Web Television. If you have an iPhone head over to i.episodic.com/streamys and watch the finalists directly on your phone and vote too. Go vote now!

Congratulations to all the finalists:

The Streamy Awards are co-hosted by Tilzy.TV, Tubefilter, and Newteevee

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