Saturday, February 28, 2009

The End is Nigh! Kyle Piccolo Watchmen Miniseries Episode 2 of 3

Here's the second episode of the three from the Kyle Piccolo WATCHMEN miniseries.

Episode description 3 6 9 - Part Two: Expecting a second unusual visitor at six o'clock, Kyle and Doucheus find themselves forced to question their very reason for being. This episode sponsored by the WATCHMEN movie - and in honor of the WATCHMEN movie release, we've peppered this episode with a bunch of Watchmen references - can you find them all? Post your guesses in the comments and come back next week for Part Three at

Look for the special cameo by Stephanie Scott from the Axis of Comedy series The Retributioners and watch her tie-in Episode 13: Hippie Freeloader.

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