Saturday, January 17, 2009

VideoNuze Launches Weekly Podcast, Featuring Will Richmond and Daisy Whitney

VideoNuze editor and publisher Will Richmond just announced a new weekly podcast called "VideoNuze Report," that he'll be doing with Daisy Whitney, new media reporter for TV Week and writer for OMMA, AdAge and other publications, She is also the host of the audio podcast “This Week in Media” as well as her "New Media Minute."

Richmond talked about how the podcast came together:

"Daisy and I have talked about the industry's goings-on countless times, and it finally dawned on us that maybe we should record some of our musings and record them as a podcast... So here we are! We're still tweaking the format, but initially we're each trying to add a little more color and back-story to a couple of the articles/posts we've written in the preceding week. It's pretty informal and definitely a work in progress. So we'd love to get your feedback on how we can improve the format and make it even more interesting.

Here's the "maiden podcast" they recorded on December 23, 2008 along with the stories they discussed.