Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 Predictions From Around The Web

It's 2009 now, and many have been peering into the future to predict what will happen in the new year. I'm not going on the record quite yet with any predictions of my own but I've read many of them over the past month and have collected some of them here.

Technology trends, social media applications, new gadgets, online video, advertising and content delivery business are a few in the new media space. In the political spectrum, January 20th is on many peoples minds as the great shift in power takes place in Washington, D.C. and how an Obama administration will define the national agenda and bring long awaited change.

As the new year begins, with more optimism while also faced with financial challenges which we haven't seen in generations, so does the annual cycle of events, conferences, new products and services and speculation on what will be thing next big thing, what trends will catch on, who will be the winner or loser and what will be the defining moments that shape the new year. What else to say but, only time will tell.

Hayden Black’s Predictions for Online Video in 2009

Kent Nichols’ Predictions for Online Video in 2009

Beet.TV: Predictions for 2009 from Ad Age's Michael Learmonth: Most Media Companies Will Do Deals with YouTube
Most media companies will do deals with YouTube in 2009, ending what has been confrontational relationship for many, expects Michael Learmonth, staff reporter at Advertising Age and veteran reporter of digital media having worked for the Industry Standard, Reuters and Variety. Michael recently blogged for the Silicon Alley Insider. Michael thinks that the ownership of exclusive, unique content is key to monetization, not aggregation or syndication schemes. We agree. I sat down with Michael at the Mogulus studio in downtown Manhattan where we taped several segments last month. This is good overview of the business. Check it out.

Read out Michael's story about Hulu published yesterday. -- Andy Plesser, Executive Producer

  • Ten tech predictions for 2009 » VentureBeat
    Everyone’s predicting doom and gloom for the tech industry next year, and hey, who are we to argue? New Year’s Eve may be coming up, but when VentureBeat’s writers were feeling far from festive when we pooled our thoughts about the year ahead. The verdict: Dark clouds for startups, venture capitalists and the tech industry as a whole. Still, 2009 won’t be bad for everyone, so we tried to bring out some silver lining, too.
    1. Advertising will gradually be replaced by information.
    2. Content and conversational marketing strategies will converge.
    3. Social media marketing will continue to gain acceptance
  • '09 IT Predictions -- the Economy Dominates - PC World - Nancy Weil, IDG News Service
    Dec 12, 2008 10:40 am (Dan Nystedt in Taipei, James Niccolai in San Francisco, Nancy Gohring in Seattle and Juan Carlos Perez in Miami contributed predictions.)