Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kyte Rolls Out Branded Mobile Web Apps, Major Ad Server Integration and Google Adsense

Kyte describes itself as the universal digital media platform with their business model focused on brands. Yesterday Kyte rolled out two innovative offerings with branded mobile web pages, major ad server integration and Google AdSense. Kyte Chief Marketing Officer Gannon Hall says these new features will enable artists and producers to reach mobile audiences and monetize their content. Kyte has both a free user-generated content platform (UGC) and a premium service for major brands and recording artists but has slowly been moving away from UGC to established brands. I've covered Kyte the last year as it has differentiated itself from other platforms as "an enabling technology" to today as a branded mobile destination site.

In the video below Kyte Chief Marketing Officer Gannon Hall gives a short demo and outline of the new features.

The new mobile Kyte player is complete with mobile banner ads and interactive chat, comments, ratings, and sharing features. To see examples of Kyte partners' mobile web applications go to m.kyte.tv/expo on your mobile browser. They can be viewed on most mobile devices like the iPhone, Blackberry, and Nokia S60 but not Google's Android platform yet.