Sunday, November 23, 2008

1TimStreet Talks With CSI Franchise Creator Anthony Zuiker About Cross-Platform Storytelling and YouTube

Why is the Creator of CSI Watching YouTube to Learn?

1Tim Street spoke with CSI Franchise creator and executive producer Anthony Zuiker at NewTeeVee Live in this private interview. Zuiker talks about how we came up with the idea for CSI and describes what he does in a on a day-to-day basis to produce an episode. He says producing video for the Internet differs from producing for television. He thinks it's important to have respect for the online video audience and create content and you have to create content specific for the device which he calls cross-platform storytelling. Being able from broadcast to web to mobile and to gaming gives viewers an immersive experience allowing them further unlock the narrative.

Rather than watch the other TV networks for inspiration Zuiker spends several hours a day on YouTube to learn from the community. You can read a recap of his NewTeevee Live keynote here or watch the archived video on Ustream.

See 1Tim Street's blog for more of his observations about online videos, social media and how to monetize viral videos.