Sunday, October 26, 2008

Weekly Review: NY Times Goes HD with Brightcove, Blip.TV and Other Funding Updates, Hulu, CBS, Ooyala, iPhone, G1 Google Phone, Netflix, Qik

Here's another weekly review of some of the significant online video events from this past week. While I don't intend this to be an ongoing feature on this blog and I do think that these stories are of interest. I've only listed a few links to some of the sources to save time and energy. While there was a lot of news of layoffs at companies big and small I didn't cover any of that here.

Beet.TV has a two-part post on the New York Times story below which you see here and here.

NY Times Implements HD video with Brightcove 3

From Reel SEO
" launched a new video platform today powered by Brightcove 3 (check out our interview with Brightcove) that allows for video content to be more easily integrated into their content sections and provides an overall enhanced user experience. Apart from the complete redesign of the video library page, the new platform offers several other benefits over the previous platform powered by TheFeedRoom."

Here is the company press release.

Funding updates
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Gadget news
Stay tuned, I have several draft posts that I'm working on which will be published soon.