Sunday, October 12, 2008

Streaming Media West: The Power of Personal Media

As Chris Brogan said in a recent blog post, "personal media, making conversations using internet video, seems to be on the rise. With tools like Seesmic and ooVoo and Skype Video, there are lots of ways to have conversations between interested people." This topic of personal brand, was the focus of a session led by the social media guru and featured a panel of video bloggers, authorities on social media and user-created media and an inside man from Pure Digital (the makers of the Flip video camera.) The Flip Ultra is the #1 selling camcorder having sold 1 million units in the US based on sales through June 2008. It's another tool that has helped foster quick and easy personal media creation. I produced this short Flip video myself of an exchange between Chris and Scott Kabat of Pure Digital prior their session about its durability along with excepts from the panel which also featured Irina Slutsky, JD Lasica and Schlomo Rabinowitz.

Here's the official SMW conference video produced by

The Power of Personal Media
Track B: (B301) 10:30 AM - 11:15 AM

Let's unpack the mythology and reality of UGC: User-Generated Content. We all have cameras. We have free distribution. And, practically overnight, almost everyone can become an independent media producer. What are the stories being told? Who's delivering the excitement, the buzz, and anything resembling an engaging product? Hear a cast of characters bring this story to light, both from the individual perspective as well as the perspectives of the garage moguls, the kids just using new communication tools, and everyone in between.

Moderator:Chris Brogan, VP, Strategy and Technology, CrossTechMedia & Co-Founder, PodCamp
Presenters:Scott Kabat, Director of Marketing, Pure Digital
Irina Slutsky, Founder, Producer, GETV
JD Lasica, Co-Founder, Editorial Director,
Schlomo Rabinowitz, Video Producer, Echoplex

Chris also created this related Seesmic thread called, How Did Personal Video Eclipse Entertainment Video?

Re:How Did Personal Video Eclipse Entertainment Video
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