Sunday, October 19, 2008

Streaming Media West on Pixel Heads Network EXPOzed Show

Pixel Heads Network was at Streaming Media West last month conducting interviews in the exhibit hall and produced a series of videos on their EXPOzed show hosted by Marcelo Lewin, aka The Digital Media Dude. Lewin started Pixel Heads Network as the The Digital Media Dude in late 2006 as a new media blog, and created his first podcast, called The Digital Media Dude Daily Tip (now known as Digital Media Quick Tips) which was which soon found its way into iTunes Top 25.

Lewin says, "From there, slowly, the “blog” starting becoming more of a podcast network, and that’s how it became “Pixel Heads Network.” According to his web site, ""Pixel Heads Network is dedicated to providing the best shows for digital media creators to entertain you, inform you and teach you in the areas of web, video, digital photography, podcasting, blogging and eMarketing!"

Check out Pixel Head Networks for their variety of weekly shows which include: Digital Media Quick Tips - The How-To For Digital Media Creators, Mac 411 - The How-To For Mac Users, Meet the Experts - In-Depth Interviews With New Media Experts, Tame The Tube - The Video Producer's YouTube Help Souce, and depending on what expo that are at you can watch EXPOzed - Bringing Technology Expo Show Floors To You.

In this episode of EXPOzed, "Deeje Cooley, from the Adobe Media Player division tells us all about their new media player. Learn why as a video producer you want your show on it, how to syndicate it, how to monetize your content through it, plus much more!" - from Episode description.

Streaming Media West 2008 Episodes:
For more great videos see their Blip channel at