Saturday, October 4, 2008

Streaming Media West - Mobile Video Research Findings: Analyzing the Opportunity

As I mentioned in my last post, a number of the videos from Streaming Media West are now available at: and one of the videos is from the panel session on, "Mobile Video Research Findings: Analyzing the Opportunity" which was led by Peter Cervieri, Co-founder of and Director of Business Development for I spoke with Peter prior to the session and he described the panel session in one minute or less.

Peter posted the video from the session on Scribe Media and included this note, "On September 24th I moderated a panel discussion at Streaming Media West. Thanks to Dave Sloan of Avot Media for both attending our session and being inspired enough to write a summary of our discussion."

Read Dave's summary here:
ScribeMedia.Org | The Future of Mobile Video: Youtube, NBC Olympics, MobiTV, Nielsen by Peter Cervieri in Media on October 1, 2008

Mobile Video Research Findings: Analyzing the Opportunity
Track A: (A201) September 24, 2008 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

This session will give attendees an insight into what is needed to drive consumer mobile video consumption habits in the U.S. What is driving adoption of mobile internet usage, and what are consumers watching? What devices are most important to the business and why? What are consumers willing to pay for, and what are the advertising opportunities for mobile video? Come hear what opportunities exist today for content owners and operators, as well as how the business of mobile video will change in the future.

Moderator:Peter Cervieri, Director, Scribe Media
Presenters:Dorian Benkoil, Editorial Director, Teeming Media
Kanishka Agarwal, VP, Mobile Media, Nielsen Mobile
Kelly Liang, Head of Mobile Partnership, YouTube
Hayle Chun, Director, Digital Media, NBC Sports & Olympics
Jay Hinman, Director, Partner & Product Marketing, MobiTV

Dave Sloan summed up the session saying, "In general, the mood of the panel was optimistic. Content owners, research analysts, and mobile video channels alike are pleased with the progress made in mobile video in the last year. And, these thought leaders are certain that mobile video will grow in popularity across markets. And, as viewership grows, lucrative opportunities will arise for many innovative players along the wireless value chain."