Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And now for something completely different... John Cleese on Seesmic

Actor, author, motivational speaker and Monty Python alum John Cleese has joined the video conversation as a member of the Seesmic community. He appeared a two weeks ago on October 8th and answered direct questions from Seesmic members offering candid responses.

Jamie Riddlle wrote on his blog, "So its not everyday you meet someone famous, but tonight we did. In what must be a 'social network' first, John Cleese came onto Seesmic and invited questions. This 'hook up' was made possible by Dean Whitbread, Loic Lemeur [Head Honcho at Seesmic] and the great man himself.

For a bit of fun, my daughter posted a question..."
Re: John Cleese on Seesmic Tuesday 7th at NOON Pacific TimeCan you helpme with my homework...

And she got this response...

Re: Ella /: John Cleese on Seesmic Tuesday 7th at NOON Pacific Time

John Cleese is also on Twitter and Friendfeed and blogs regularly at:

Seesmic VP of Content Vinvin interviewed him about Alaskan Governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin in this video clip.

John Cleese (part 2): Obama, Biden & Fox News