Thursday, October 16, 2008

Streaming Media West: Best Practices in Enterprise Streaming for Communications and Learning

This is an interesting session from Streaming Media West that was led by Mike Newman, CEO of Accordent Technologies which focused on the enterprise streaming environment. I've been in the corporate video sector myself for the last 18 years and I'm challenged every day on how to provide streaming services in a large corporation that has no centralized enterprise streaming service. Many companies have numerous divergent ad hoc solutions that are either bought or built through partnerships with external service providers or internal skunkworks projects.

With the constant need for cost-cutting measures organizations have looked to network based conferencing and e-learning solutions to stretch their budget dollars. But in most corporations physical media is still widely consumed in the form of DVD and CD media but it will eventually follow the course of VHS and become obsolete as next generation networks become more capable of handling the video bandwidth. Also clients will see the value of reporting metrics that are available from online solutions along with better version control.

There are a variety of live and on-demand suites available in hardware and software as service models and that industry continues to evolve. While there's always a need for face to face communication in many situations it's clear that streaming media will play more of a key role within the enterprise.

Best Practices in Enterprise Streaming for Communications and Learning
Track B: (B102) September 23, 2008 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Use of online video in the enterprise has evolved well beyond the special occasion, rudimentary talking-head videos that characterized early adoption. Whether webcasting executive briefings across the globe or capturing and archiving rich media presentations for training, marketing, sales, and compliance, a growing number of organizations are capitalizing on the capabilities of Web 2.0 technologies. This session will show examples from Fortune 500 organizations of best practices in integrated online video for communications and learning.
Moderator:Mike Newman, CEO, Accordent Technologies
Presenters:Dan Pryor, VP, Corporate Communications, Safeway
Andy Aronson, Visual Media Group, Worldwide Marketing and Sales, National Semiconductor
Doug Wells, Manager, Streaming Communications, Applied Materials
Eric Armstrong, Kontiki, Inc.