Sunday, May 16, 2010 Debuts at Streaming Media East, New Website is, "Streaming Media For the Rest of Us"

At StreamingMedia East, I caught up with Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen, Editor of and the brand new website, which just launched as part of the kick off of the conference on May 11, 2010. Eric talked about how evolved, how it differs from, who's the target audience and what are the goals of the new website. builds on the same focus as the Online Video Platform Summit did last November, designed to help organizations of all types, not just those for whom video is their core business figure out the many choices available when it comes to publishing video online.

The same team that created and—sites are behind Eric worked closely with writer Troy Drier to fill the site with new content, which as he noted their other online and magazine publications have become essential reading material for the streaming video industry. This new website focuses on hands-on tips and how-to information to help you get the most out of your online video initiative, it's "Streaming Media for the rest of us."

In his introductory post on the website, Eric noted,
"Companies that never thought of using video now realize it’s the best way to communicate with their customers, build their brands, and educate and inform stakeholders both inside and outside of their organizations. With this new audience comes new challenges and new possibilities. People from all industries are looking to online video to take their businesses to the next level, but their interests and needs aren’t the same as the video insiders that preceded them. Rather than codecs and CDNs, you want to talk strategy and useful real-world tips. You want to know how to pull in viewers, go viral, and give an inexpensive shoot some Madison Avenue polish."
In this interview, he added that,
"We're still going after the enterprise market, the government market, the education market, but it's not necessarily the heads of communications or IT in those spaces. It's the folks in those spaces that are trying to do video themselves or the small and medium-sized business owners."
The website is essentially a blog format, so look for daily updates to the site in the form of online video news, case studies, buyer’s guides, how-tos, video reviews, and events, and possibly some contributions from your truly as well!

Congratulations Eric, Troy and everyone at Information Today Inc. on the launch!

Visit for more information.