Monday, May 17, 2010

Video Replay of Encoding Video for the Web - ReelSEO’s Webinar

Thanks again to everyone who joined us a few weeks back on May 5th for the very first Reel SEO webinar event on  titled, “Video Encoding for the Web.” As I previously mentioned, the webinar was very well received with 263 attendees from all over the world. A big thanks to my co-presenter Robert Reinhardt, the @flashfreaker, who shared some fantastic tips on how to compress video using x264, the free library for encoding H264/AVC video streams. An enormous thanks as well to Mark Robertson who not only moderated the session, but did an amazing job working numerous hours with Robert and me to pull together the program. Mark also spent a considerable amount of time editing the video from the webinar to make it available for those who may have missed it or want to review it. An additional thanks to Ian Sneed and the team at vzaar video platform for sponsoring the free webinar. You can see the previous posts with our bios here and the slides here.

Look for more Reel SEO webinar events in the future. Thanks again to everyone for your continued support and interest. We greatly appreciate it!