Thursday, May 6, 2010

Encoding Video for the Web - Webinar Slides from

Thanks to everyone who attended our webinar yesterday on, Video Encoding for the Web! We had 263 attendees from all over the world who stayed with us for the scheduled hour, and 140 or so stayed on for the additional half hour of Q&A. Many thanks as well to my co-presenter, the amazing Robert Reinhardt AKA @flashfreaker who dropped major video encoding science and our moderator and organizer extraordinaire, Mark Robertson who did a fantastic job pulling it all together and managing the flow of the session and 100+ questions that came in from attendees. Also, a big thanks to Ian Sneed and the folks at vzaar video platform for sponsoring the webinar.

Mark will be posting the video in the next few days, and we encourage anyone who didn't get their questions answered to post a comment on Reel SEO or contact any of us. In the meantime, here are the webinar slides which were featured today on the Slideshare homepage.