Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009 Year-End Review: Best of Klessblog

Another year comes to a close as New Years Eve 2010 draws near, and so does the first decade in this millennium. In this annual review of 2009, I'm following a similar format as my post from last year to recognize and thank everyone who has helped contribute to this blog, and to those of you who have taken the time to read, subscribe, ReTweet and share your comments.

Even though the economy was spiraling into the abyss, 2009 was a breakout year for all things related to online video and mobile. Social media played a much greater role with the year starting with Barack Obama's inauguration, with millions watching online and on Facebook. That event and many others that followed generated much discussion about the missed opportunities for monetization online. But in 2010 many have speculated that it will be the year that online video will finally gets paid.

In looking back over the past year, if 2009 proved anything, it showed us that the power of video and social media can change the world. Throughout the year, I covered the online video space posting news and conversations that I had with a variety of online video executives and innovators to learn about their companies. As I said last year, I echo the same words by saying, there are so many others who I met along the way that I need to thank, but the list is really too long. Thanks to the many people who took the time to reach out me with relevant news and information, those of you who arranged for interviews and those who kindly agreed to be interviewed, for those of you who spoke on panel sessions I helped organize and also to those of you who helped me in 2009 with your encouragement, advise, acknowledgement, support and friendship.

I was incredibly honored and humbled to be on this years list of Streaming Media All-Stars and for the great opportunity to Co-chair the Online Video Platform Summit with Eric Schumacher-Rasmussen. I want to thank Eric, Dan Rayburn, Joel Unickow and everyone at Information Today Inc. for the great work that they do to support, educate and promote the streaming media and online video industry. Also, a big thanks to my good friend Mark Robertson, Founder of Reel SEO, who welcomed me into the fold as a contributor to Reel SEO and who for the last year has been trying to convince me to quit my day job and blog full time. Mark also gave me this awesome three wolf moon shirt which is both intrinsically sweet and fits my girthy frame. ;-) Photo credit Jose Castillo.

I have a lot more to come in 2010 with many interviews I tried to publish in 2009 that just didn't happen due to my busy work schedule. So to wrap up the year, I present the following series of posts from this blog as a "Best of 2009". Thank you to all my readers and friends and all the best to everyone in 2010!
Here's a few parting shots from 2009:
Me, Mark Robertson and Kevin "Nalts" Nalty!

Me and Jeroen "JW" Wijering!