Sunday, July 19, 2009

Streaming Media Webinar on July 30th: Video SEO - The "Reel" Story on Getting Your Online Video Discovered

There has been an increasing attention on search engine optimization (SEO) and for marketers it's the best tool for customer acquisition. There's also been a shift in how people discover video and data shows a rise in videos discovered via search engines and a slight decrease of videos discovered on social video sharing sites. According to an eMarkerter report, the spend in US search marketing will reach nearly $23.4 billion by 2013 and "marketers will be spending more on search engine optimization (SEO) than on contextual advertising." Marketers understand that SEO is crucial for their company to achieve a high search ranking in results relevant to their brand, products or services. 

In a recent post, I highlighted a presentation by my good friend Mark Robertson, Founder of ReelSEO, about the importance of SEO for video titled, Video + SEO – Not Smoke and Mirrors, Just Best Practices for E-commerce Video Publishing. Videos dominate universal search and the key is "to create unique and valuable content, and to publish that content with best practices for SEO in mind," says Mark. "Nothing works as well for SEO as creating good, unique, and valuable content." 

Mark will be sharing his opinions and expertise on video and SEO as a featured speaker along with Marcien Jenckes, Co-President of Grab Networks on an upcoming live Streaming Media Webinar produced by Streaming Media magazine and on July 30, 2009. Register now for this free web event

Also for more on Video and SEO please read Nico McLane's excellent in depth article, In Search of Video SEO That Works, in which she says, "we need to break down what VSEO really means, what it looks like, and how to devise an ROI measurement for the effort." According to Nico the secret to good video SEO strategy is in the sauce "but nobody's sharing their recipes." The article first appeared in the June/July 2009 issue of Streaming Media magazine. Click here for your free subscription. And also read Mark's follow up article on ReelSEO, In Search of Video Search Optimization that Works - Beyond the Hype, in which he reached out to Everyzing CEO, Tom Wilde, who also participated in Nico's article for more insight on the subject.


As online video distribution becomes a mainstay in today’s technological world, companies continue to struggle with how to spread video easily and profitably. When done right, video SEO is an effective tool to help achieve that goal. But the right requirements and processes remain unclear, and there are many solutions emerging that claim to be the fix.

Please join online video and search experts as they discuss the “reel” deal when it comes to video SEO. Attendees will learn best practices for optimizing videos for search, including:

  • Automating metadata extraction and analysis for SEO
  • The importance of contextual relevance and HTML content
  • Creating search-worthy URLs, titles, tags, captions and MRSS feeds
  • Exposing keywords to search engine crawlers automatically
  • Leveraging search-friendly distribution outlets like YouTube
  • Available solutions to help you maximize your video SEO efforts

From developing backlinks to automating metadata generation, this webcast will provide you with the know-how to successfully optimize your online videos for search and grow your audience.

Dan Rayburn
Streaming Media
Marcien Jenckes
Co-President Grab Networks
Mark Robertson