Monday, June 22, 2009

Video + SEO = Best Practices for Online Video Publishing

My friend Mark Robertson, publisher of ReelSEO, recently spoke at the first annual Liveclicker Video Commerce Summit and gave this presentation on search engine optimization to help educate the audience on best practices for publishing online video. While the presentation is focused toward upper level e-Commerce executives and thought leaders, as Mark says "the concepts and tactics apply across the board for publishing online video."

He titled the presentation, Video + SEO – Not Smoke and Mirrors, Just Best Practices for E-commerce Video Publishing, and explains in the slide set that there's a lot of hype around Video SEO and a general misunderstanding of what it actually is. Mark says, "Video SEO is the application of SEO best practices when publishing online video content to ensure maximum visibility across search engines and ultimately, your target audience."
There has been a shift in how people discover video and data shows a rise in videos discovered via search engines and a slight decrease of videos discovered on social video sharing sites. Videos dominate universal search and the key is "to create unique and valuable content, and to publish that content with best practices for SEO in mind, says Mark. "Nothing works as well for SEO as creating good, unique, and valuable content."

So, to increase user engagement with your content -- the best practice is a combination of Video + SEO.

View Mark's slides and visit ReelSEO to read the rest. They need ya ;-) Thanks!

About the Author - Mark R Robertson
Mark Robertson is the creator and Publisher of and has had extensive experience in online marketing, particularly in Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Mark is also the Director of Search for Freedom Communications and has worked with many newspaper and broadcast stations for optimization online content.

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