Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Veeple and TubeMogul Announce Distribution and Syndication Agreement

Iin another strategic partnership Veeple has announced an agreement with TubeMogul that will offer greater distribution and syndication choices for marketers, agencies and social media leaders using Veeple's Interactive Online Video (IOV) platform. The agreement allows Veeple customers the use of TubeMogul’s signature “Load and Track” service which gives users the capability to upload videos once and automatically deploy them with as many of the top video sharing sites as they want, within the users’ specified accounts. TubeMogul, in turn, will recommend Veeple as one of TubeMogul’s three primary online video platform providers. Veeple and TubeMogul expect to deliver the new capabilities by the end of July.

According to Brett Wilson, TubeMogul CEO and co-founder, “Veeple understands the needs of today’s marketer who is responsible for telling a compelling story while building a well-respected brand through the powerful tool of online video. TubeMogul is pleased to enhance Veeple’s service offering through the ability to help increase the distribution of the interactive videos that Veeple’s customers are creating.”

I asked Scott Broomfield, Veeple CEO and co-founder, about how the new partnership evolved and he said that TubeMogul found them first as their customers began to ask them about online video platforms. Veeple also saw the need for wider distribution and syndication is a key element, along with embed, url, RSS, and video SEO. Interactive works if the destination site allows embed, url or metadata tracking. This means for sites like Ning or Wordpress, but not for YouTube or Metacafe. Over time Veeple plans to add an 'onion skin' that will ride along with the InPlay API that will make everything interactive.

Broomfield added that, “Veeple is all about enhancing, engaging and measuring online video campaigns. Our customers expect not only simplicity in our service but also a platform that quickly evolves with their needs. As we evolve the Veeple service we knew that syndication was a top priority for our customers who are increasingly adding online video to their marketing mix.”

To see interactive video in action see Veeple's customer web sites

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