Thursday, July 16, 2009

Online Video Platform Summit Program Now Online, Registration is Open

I'm happy to announce that the program for the Online Video Platform Summit is now online. The registration is also now open for this two-day event held in conjunction with Streaming Media West in San Jose on November 18-19th. The Online Video Platform Summit is designed for video publishers of all types and sizes who are looking to publish content for the first time and need help with solutions and strategies. Attendees will also learn about the value that online video platforms can bring to an organization and will hear from a variety of industry leaders and see a showcase of leading online video platforms demonstrate their features and capabilities. We also have an exclusive keynote by Jeremy Allaire, CEO and Chairman of Brightcove who will discuss the future of online video. See the program below and visit the Online Video Platform Summit site for more information. I'll post more details as the speaker slots are filled.

Registration is also open for Streaming Media West and all keynotes are free to attend for both OVP Summit attendees and the general public. Dan Rayburn just announced today that Marc Whitten, the GM of the Xbox LIVE division at Microsoft will be the keynote speaker on Wednesday, November 18th which is day one of the two-day the Online Video Platform Summit. Marc joins Bill Stone, President of FLO TV and Emil Rensing, Chief Digital Officer of EPIX as the other keynote speakers for the show. Emil is the featured keynote for day two of the Online Video Platform Summit.

Help support the Online Video Platform Summit by posting a banner on your site and link to or your favorite content page on the Online Video Platform Summit site.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

9:00 AM
STREAMING MEDIA WEST KEYNOTE (open to all Online Video Platform Summit attendees)
Marc Whitten, GM, Xbox LIVE
10:30 AM
Defining Online Video Platforms and Video SaaS

There have never been more people publishing online video, and there have never been more online video platform solutions on the market. But with so many choices, it can be confusing to decide what services are right for your online video initiatives. This “lay of the land” session will set the stage for the rest of the summit, and panelists will highlight the specific value associated with the capabilities of online video platforms and video software as a service to provide attendees with a working knowledge to better publish, distribute, and monetize online video content.

11:45 AM
Online Video Platform Showcase

Come see the platforms from Kyte, VMIX, Kaltura, and Delve Networks in action, learn about their features and capabilities, and get answers to your questions from the platform providers themselves.

1:45 PM
ONLINE VIDEO PLATFORM SUMMIT KEYNOTE - Setting the Stage for 2010 and the Future of Online Video
Jeremy Allaire, Chairman and CEO, Brightcove
3:00 PM
Measuring Success

Without solid, performance-based metrics, there’s no way to measure the success and ROI of your video content. The ability to measure video traffic beyond “views”—including audience drop-off, what sites and search terms are referring viewers, and audience geography—offers content publishers deeper insight into both the viewing habits of their audience and the extent of their video’s reach. Panelists in this session will demonstrate video metrics in action and talk about what to measure, how to measure it, and how to turn those measurements into actionable business intelligence.

4:15 PM
Best Practices Round Table: Online Video Publishing Strategies and Tools

The opportunities have never been greater for businesses to promote their brands, products, and services with compelling online video content. The barriers in creating and distributing professional-quality video have been eroded with the development of affordable content creation tools and the solutions available from online video platforms. Still, if video is not one of your core competencies, it can become a costly and time-consuming effort. This session brings together leading industry professionals to discuss and demonstrate cost-effective tools, techniques, and best practices for online video publishing.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

9:00 AM
STREAMING MEDIA WEST KEYNOTE (open to all Online Video Platform Summit attendees)
Emil Rensing, Chief Digital Officer, Studio 3 Partners/EPIX
10:30 AM
Optimizing Search and Video Discoverability

Video discovery via search has seen rapid growth during the past few years with the explosive increase in the online video market. But it’s not enough to achieve a high Google ranking; making video more discoverable through video search engine optimization (SEO) is key for businesses to maximize visibility, drive traffic to their sites, and reach a targeted audience. Panelists in this session will discuss the importance of increasing user engagement with video SEO—using keywords, metadata, relevant content, media RSS, and video syndication—and social media marketing through demonstration of use-case scenarios.

11:30 AM
Online Video Platform Showcase

Come see the platforms from Multicast, Datpresenter, Sorenson 360 in action, learn about their features and capabilities, and get answers to your questions from the platform providers themselves.

2:00 PM
Redefining Monetization

Different organizations have different goals and business models when it comes to monetization. Some monetize their video content directly with advertising through pre-rolls, post-rolls, overlays, and product endorsements or by a pay-per-view or subscription model. But most organizations will benefit by using video as a way to build value by driving sales, highlighting products, expanding brand awareness, and increasing customer engagement. This panel will look at monetization and show examples of successful practices.

3:30 PM
Building Value With Real Interactivity

Video is more than just a one-way communication. At its best, it actively engages viewers in a lean-forward experience by allowing them to interact with the content in a unique way, including the ability to comment, rate, and share it across social networks; explore clickable objects within the video player; and even remix their own video responses using webcams or mobile devices. Live video streaming can offer even more functionality and an even higher level of interaction through realtime chat, live comment streams, and status updates. Our speakers will show examples of what you can do to make your video more of a targeted and personalized experience.