Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vote for Comedy Duo Dave & Tom's "Fate of the Duel" on's Star Wars Fan Film Challenge

Longtime online sketch comedy duo Dave Beeler and Tom Konkle (better known as “Dave & Tom”) know how to make comedy and in own their words, like chocolate and peanut butter, "they are two great tastes that taste great together." Dave & Tom started performing together in 1999 in the seminal British comedy revue, Beyond the Fringe and went on to form Pith-e Productions in 2005 to create comedy content for the emerging new media of online video. With over 12 million aggregate views, their work can be seen on over 200+ web portals and their new comedy web series, Safety Geeks: SVI which chronicles a CSI-like team investigating safety accidents, leaving a swath of comedic chaos and destruction in their wake airs exclusively in hi-def on Koldcast TV.

In a recent New York Times article, Dave & Tom spoke about the success of original web television series and the rise of web video viewership and growing attention spans. Tom told Brian Stelter that, “A few years ago, three minutes ‘watching’ your computer felt like a novelty; now, it’s as familiar as your television set.”

Their latest online short "Fate of the Duel" a Star Wars parody, was selected as editor's pick on Revver and is a finalist on the Exclusive Star Wars Fan Film Challenge at There's still time to vote for their fanfilm, follow the link to the voting and look for their video at the bottom center of the page. Be sure to vote and clicking the thumbs up is not a vote for the film. The voting continues until July 10th at 12:00 noon PDT and opened on the 1st. Watch it and rate it and you'll be helping Dave & Tom make George Lucas laugh.

Star Wars: The Fate of the Duel

The video is about a lone Jedi (Dave) who is abandoned to his fate on a Sith world, where he encounters a dark Sith (Tom). Tom says this is a fan film done with great love and affection for Star Wars, one of the films that made them want to entertain for a living. He also pointed out that it is truly a two man operation. Tom directed he film with no help other than Dave. No one else was there at the video shoot. Tom set up all the shots and did all the video recording and all the sound later. When Tom was in the shot he set it up and stepped into the frame while Dave hit the record button on the camera. Tom also did all the post production editing and sound and Thor Melsted did the composites of the buildings and lightsabers.

They'll be at ComicCon International in San Diego promoting Safety Geeks:SVI and, as finalists, have been invited to the Awards Presentation by LucasFilms.

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