Tuesday, February 17, 2009

For Your Imagination Inks Six-Figure Sponsorship Deal With Warner Brothers To Promote 'Watchmen' Movie on Axis of Comedy Network

Over the last few days digital media studio For Your Imagination has been quietly rolling out a promotional campaign of the theatrical release of the Warner Brothers film, WATCHMEN, on its Axis of Comedy network. Signs of the "takeover" as FYI CEO Paul Kontonis called it started the other day with banner ads on the participating Axis of Comedy web series sites - Abigail’s Teen Diary, The Retributioners, Kyle Piccolo: Comic Shop Therapist and HungrymanTV’s Phistophicles.

Probably one of the anticipated comic book movies of all time since for years it was one that Watchmen creator Alan Moore said for years that it never would be done. But on March 6th the film opens worldwide and the viral marketing campaign is in full gear with TV commercials, film inspired social media sites, Twitter updates, iPhone apps and now comic book inspired webisodes brought to you by FYI in the form of Kyle Piccolo: Comic Ship Therapist.

If you haven't heard of Kyle Piccolo he's the man behind the counter, like the Simpons Comic Book Guy, Kyle is always sardonic, sometimes empathetic, and not quite all-knowing Comic Shop Therapist. Kyle, played by Eric Zuckerman, possesses the uncanny ability to find the answer to your problem in the pages of a comic book and you can bet he’ll do it in a smart, entertaining and, more often than not, hilarious way.

Tubefilter News reported today that FYI inked a 6-figure sponsorship deal with Warner Bros Theatrical which said Marc Hustvedt, "The funding makes way for three new episodes of Kyle Piccolo, which has been known to integrate comic movies directly into the storylines before (see the series’ Dark Knight deal last summer). The three new episodes will be dubbed “3 6 9,” the first one officially premieres tomorrow and will be littered with hidden Watchmen references for eager fans of the film. The new videos on axisofcomedy.tv and kylepiccolo.com will be utilizing a customized interactive video player built by Innovid and will include in-video clickable easter eggs."

Continuing reading the story on Tubefilter here.

Here's the new episode, which Kyle helps one mysterious customer to better understand Pirates vs. Ninjas and himself. This is the first of three episodes that will be part of the promotion which runs through March 8, all embedded with cryptic Watchmen references and mentions. Look for hidden Easter eggs that you can click on that change when you watch the video again.

Episode - KP 201 "3 6 9 - Part One"
This episode sponsored by the WATCHMEN movie - and in honor of the WATCHMEN movie release, we've peppered this episode with a bunch of Watchmen references - can you find them all? Post your guesses in the comments and come back next week for Part Two right here at http://www.kylepiccolo.com

Written and Produced by Alec Pollak, Neil Turitz, Eric Zuckerman and John Cassaday, Created by Turitz and Pollak, Directed by Turitz, Executive Produced by For Your Imagination

Get your Watchmen fix on IMDB.com to see trailers, featurettes and behind the scenes interviews and if you don't have the graphic novel find it at your nearest comic book shop at: ComicShopLocator.com.

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