Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hulu Reveals Its Secret, An Evil Plot to Destroy The World. Enjoy.

I think everyone in the online video world who was watching the Super Bowl XLIII were keeping an eye out for this ad. My friend Reed Kavner wrote on his blog Hulu Introduces Itself to the Mainstream – Cancel Your Cable, "This is more exciting than most Super Bowl ads because it reveals something about where NBC sees themselves heading. NBC is airing the big game this year and is also the co-owner of Hulu (along with News Corp). As we all know, buying ad time during the Super Bowl ain’t like buying time on a parking meter. But apparently NBC sees some benefit in forgoing the several million dollars they could demand from an outside advertiser to promote their new platform (irony alert!)"

During the game on Twitter Huludotcom sent this message, "Keep watching. The secret behind Hulu will be revealed during the 2nd half of the Super Bowl." In case you missed it I've embedded it below.

Hulu also created this embeddable Super Bowl Ads widget also embedded below. Fans will be able to view them on Web sites, and Hulu will allow users to vote on their favorite ad and the winner will be announced Feb. 3.

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