Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Debut of Ustream Mobile? Ustream Mobile vs Qik on 3G (Video)

This news comes by way Greg Kumparak of MobileCrunch and features a demo of beta mobile client competing with Qik in a side by side comparison of the two separate live streams from two Nokia N95s. The video was produced by wingerbb29 who gives thsi desctiption, "I test Ustream Mobile (beta) and Qik on 3G. Results = Ustream Mobile is live while Qik is extremely delayed."

Greg Kumparak says, "While details are still somewhat sparse, we’re hearing that’s got at least one trick up their sleeve to make their offering stand out: drastically shorter delays in getting your live content onto viewer’s screen."

You can see for yourself in the video below.

Boy Genius Report says,"Under the presumption that the video above didn’t use any 3G/WiFi vs EDGE trickery, is apparently working on a mobile streaming application with some pretty phenomenal efficiency. No, the world probably doesn’t need another mobile streaming app / service combo - the big three, Qik, Kyte, and FlixWagon , do a pretty good job of filling the need. must have missed that memo however, because it is supposedly in the process of pushing its own solution out to market and from the looks of the demo video above, it might make a bit of a splash." - from working on a Qik killer, maybe : Boy Genius Report

Greg Kumparak added that,"While no one’s really looking to share the secrets of their methods, we’re being told that has shifted a good amount of the video transcoding process to the hardware, presumably for maximizing bandwidth and better utilizing free processor time on the handset." He also pointed out that Ustream mobile does not have chat support like Qik.

Robert Scoble who says he was Qik's first user is moving away from Qik and leaning more to Kyte for mobile broadcasting for several reasons which he stated in his comments on this related MobileCrunch post, Interview with Qik Co-Founder Bhaskar Roy: Competition, iPhone, and Android. He intimated that the chat room support in Qik is very poor compared to Ustream, Stickam, or

2008 has been a big year for live mobile broadcasting and the innovation and widespread use should continue into 2009. I've tried all the major live mobile broadcasting platforms and Qik is my personal favorite. Although with's popularity its mobile client will be highly anticipated. More details should be coming soon.

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