Sunday, December 14, 2008

Daisy Whitney's New Media Minute: Personalized Recommendations Coming to Online Video?

In this episode of New Media Minute Daisy Whitney asks what if online video sites knew more about your viewing preferences and could serve up personalized viewing recommendations to you like Amazon, Netflix or iTunes? According to James McQuivey of Forester Research this could be the future of the online video viewing experience. Daisy says, "It might not be that far off, because the future of online programming could get a lot more personalized as video sites develop the brains to predict and serve up shows tailored for an individual viewer’s tastes..."

Viral Video Genious Nalts had this to say, "

Nalts also added, "In this episode (embedded below), you’ll see a snippet of YouTube filmmaker Chuck Potter, whose “I Want My Three Minutes Back” should be mandatory viewing for aspiring video creators. It takes the journey into the transformation of several YouTube creators like myself."

As online video viewing continues to grow more and more online video publishers, video distribution sites and advertisers will look for new ways like personalization to reach a broader audience and increase their views. James McQuivey points out broadcast TV and cable networks already do this through programming. He says, "They don’t just deliver video, they “program,” meaning they select the content to fit the audience, and they arrange it in just the right order to satisfy. Programming also happens to be what online video sites need next."