Friday, May 23, 2008

Streaming Media East 2008: The Coverage Continues - Dan Rayburn on the Outlook of the CDN Industry

Dan Rayburn, Executive Vice President, spoke with Beet.TV about the inevitable shakeout of the CDN Industry in this Streaming Media East interview, Beet.TV: There Will Be Blood: Shakeout Inevitable in Crowded CDN Industry, Dan Rayburn.

Rayburn has been running the conference the last 5 years of it's 11 year history. When the show started in 2002, focused on the enterprise market and business of video delivery but in the last few years it has opened up to content creators and producers. He says people are talking about business within the larger video ecosystem. He told Andy Plesser he's been hearing a lot about syndication and how best to target and monetize it.

"It's another bubble that will burst. The number of companies and entering the content delivery network space is not sustainable, says Dan Rayburn, director of Streaming Media and an authority on the content delivery network business. According to Dan's reckoning, some $282 million in venture funding has been raised over the past 12 months for CDN players in an industry that has total revenue of $410 million in the U.S. He says a dramatic consolidation is inevitable within the next 18 months." - Beet.TV

Dan presented a talk on Tuesday, CDN Pricing: The Going Rate for Video Delivery which will be available as a video archive and he published this follow up post on his blog, CDN Pricing Stable In Q1: Drop In Price Only Seen At Highest Levels | The Business Of Online Video.

Link to Dan's slides: Download the presentation ( PowerPoint 261.5 kb )

"This presentation will offer real pricing numbers from large, globally focused content delivery networks and show you the average going rate when you outsource delivery to a third party. The session will also cover some of the variables that determine the final price and how you should accurately compare the delivery services of one CDN to another, and it will give you a list of providers in the market today." - Streaming Media East Conference Program