Monday, May 26, 2008

Streaming Media East Interviews: Kevin Towes on Flash Player 10

This rounds out a week of coverage on Streaming Media East. Many news stories have been posted and the videos from the conference sessions are starting to be available. Andy Plesser of Beet.TV was on the conference floor doing a live 2-hour broadcast that featured a number of shakers and movers in the online video publishing industry.

Kevin Towes from Adobe was on hand to discuss the latest release of Flash Player 10 of which Hank Williams of Why Does Everything says will change the economics of internet in his post Adobe Introduces P2P Flash Player, Kills CDNs.

About this video, Williams says, "While Andy interprets Kevin's answer as being a refutation of what I said, it is clearly not. Kevin actually doesn't give a direct answer. He says "Hank makes some gross assumptions in all his diligence, its sort of interesting. But what we announced is something called RTMFP." But what he does not say is, "you will not be able to make a p2p network with Flash." Also, neither has the Flash Player Product Manager Justin Everett-Church been categorical about it here or here." - Hank Williams, Why does everything suck? May 21, 2008

Hank Williams has several follow up posts:
Andy Plesser also recommended this related post P2P in Flash 10 Beta — the Questions Facing a YouTube, Skype, and BitTorrent Killer by Adam Fisk as well as this one Flash P2P: Now That’s Disruptive by Om Malik.

UPDATE: You can also Kevin Towes' blog Flash Media here.
UPDATE 2: Another good related post: Adobe Flash Player Now With Built-In Peer To Peer Capabilities | Flash 10 Has Arrived » Web TV Wire