Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Presenting the Online Video Toolkit by Jim Kukral

Veteran internet marketer and video blogger Jim Kukral has produced a new series of educational videos he calls the Online Video Toolkit, which he says is, "a free guide that will tell you everything you need to do to make high-quality web videos... without having to spend a fortune to get it done! The best part is... it's totally free!"

If you're like me who is someone on a constant search for new and useful information (with a caveat on "free"), then you should check out Jim Kukral's Online Video Toolkit. He covers all the bases for you to get your video blogging studio up and running on a shoe string budget, like choosing a camera (he uses the Flip Video), lighting tips, set design, indoor and outdoor shooting, editing, attire, audio and more.

Here's his introductory video...

I've featured Jim on my blog before regarding his Daily Flip video blog I think he's doing a real service to the community by making his toolkit available free of charge. Thanks Jim!

You can contact him directly at: