Thursday, May 29, 2008

Streaming Media East Videos Now Available on

Dan Rayburn announced on his Business of Video blog that a number of the videos from Streaming Media East have been edited and archived, thanks to ScribeMedia, and available at

Dan says, "Thirteen sessions are now available for viewing with more being added each day... We welcome anyone to use the videos on their site or in their blog in anyway they like as long as it is non-commercial in nature."

So with that, I've embedded the player below. Enjoy!
UPDATE: Well, I tried to embed the player here but it didn't work. I did get it to work when I tested it outside of Blogger using straight html in Dreamweaver and posting to a web server, but I couldn't get the player to appear here... so again, I've included a still image which also links you to the actual player on

Be sure to check out the Streaming Media East Conference Program page to download the presentations that are available there.

UPDATE 2: If anyone knows a workaround on embedding the Brightcove player, please let me know. @mrpinkspot I need you help!