Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Kids Are Alright: Streaming Media East Panel on Young People's Attitude Toward Online Video

The hits just keep on coming, and in regards to Streaming Media East, that means more news coverage from the conference. Here's another new video from the conference courtesy of Scribe Media. If you're a parent of teenagers, like me, you should find this an interesting panel discussion.

"Peter Cervieri of Scribe Media conducts a focus group on young people's attitudes toward online video."
- Scribe Media video description

Here's the panel session description from the Streaming Media East Program:
Focus Group: Young People's Attitudes Toward Online Video
In this special session, a panel of high school and college students will discuss their online video consumption habits. Learn what types of online video content they like, what sites they get their content from, the devices they are playing it back on, and how they interact with video advertising. Find out what their perspective is on pay media and portable content, as well as what they think the future holds for the next generation of viewers on the web. Bring your own questions for a lively Q&A session with the students at the end of the session.

Moderator: Peter Cervieri, Director, Scribe Media
Presenter: Dylan, Creator, Co-Producer,

It's a frank and honest discussion with the panel members who ranged from high schoolers to a recent college graduate. Embed tags for the video are not available yet but Micheal Cervieri of Scribe Media assured me that they will be available soon.

UPDATE: You can click on any of the photos to link directly to the video.
UPDATE 2 (6/01/08): The photos have been removed and the video is now embedded.
UPDATE 3: (6/08/08): I updated the link of the video to Scribe Media, Kids Have The Darndest Video Consumption Habits, where Peter Cervieri has some interesting background information on this panel and research project on young people and their viewing habits.